December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas!

A cheesy Christmas photo from us to you. 
December 18, 2008

Oh sNOw!

This is the result of Tuesday's snowfall - pleasent, pretty...just enough to make things sparkly. Tonight we are supposed to get another foot. That is too much. Especially when STB Hubs is flying in tomorrow. Maybe if everyone crosses their fingers he'll get in without a huge delay/cancellation. 

In the mean time, I'll hide in my parents house and work on getting a skirt on my mom's pretty tree. 

December 12, 2008


It's a cold day in Los Angeles when these two snuggle. Having almost no short term memory, I'm sure their little cat brains have long forgotten the January Chicago nights when we'd all find our way under the covers. I however, have not, and am on my way back for my annual dose of icy temps and frozen nose hair. I'm looking forward to it. 

Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville - it's a Midwest whirlwind tour filled with family, friends and wedding planning...not to mention Christmas. The cats, however, are staying here. Wussies.
December 7, 2008

First Holiday Card of the Year!

Well this first card of the year certainly will be a contender for the cutest, but I'm guessing it wins hands down for the funniest (did I just make Holiday card sending into a contest?).

I wonder if Wendy and Scott sent these out to their entire mailing list or if there was a 'safer version' for people who might not have a sense of humor. Maybe Wendy will answer my query in the comment section. 

So cute! Thanks for thinking of us guys!
December 6, 2008

Too Hot to Handle

Reposted from Ten Thousand Tentacles, I present to you - our friend Darren!

December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving in Charlotte - Part 2

On the Friday after T-Day it's Hillary's family's tradition to do something fun in the hosting city and then all go out to dinner. We had a few minutes to explore around the museum before we saw the Pompei exhibit and I snapped some shots.

Charlotte is a clean city with tons of new architecture. Everything seems bright and shiny. I did find this cute little church yard that seemed to have some years behind it. I'd be interested to go back when we have more time and see the parts of the city that have some history behind them.   

We beat his family to the museum and were killing some time. This is what we'd look like as ghosts. The weather was chilly and overcast, which was a welcome change from the Los Angeles weather I've become so used to. 

We had a great time in Charlotte and I'm looking forward to next year. Any city that is warm enough for flowers in late November is a-okay in my book. 

December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving in Charlotte - Part 1

{Cindy in the middle of a busy kitchen}

Hillary's family rotates Thanksgiving every 2 years. This was year 1 of 2 at his cousins Smita & Steve's in Charlotte, NC.  They have two little boys, Devon and Dillon (little one above) who LOVE Hillary. They pretty much started crawling all over him as soon as he walked in the door. They are too cute.
{Ellen, Jessica & Jenny}

As seems to be the universal rule, we all gathered in the kitchen to catch up. There was so much yummy food before dinner even started. 

{Hillary wearing his photo face}

There was an entire table of fruit and homemade cookies...guess which was more popular? 

{I am rarely without a glass of wine during a holiday...a party...a week day}

Jenny is getting her degree this school year and will be moving to Hawaii in the summer to work for a fancy hotel chain. She is actually taking a class in wine (and beer) this semester. Her dad and her supplied the whole party with tons of new and exciting wines. My fav was a Malbec that I totally forgot to write down the name of. Sad.

{Smita taking her magnificent edible creations out of the oven}

The food was fantastic! I'm sure Devon and Dillon are still eating leftovers. 

{The gentleman playing a game of Hearts}

After dinner it was game time. Hearts was popular in the parlor and the rest of us played Apples to Apples in the kitchen until I was falling asleep at the table. 

{Me talking to my family in Michigan}

Smita, Steve and the boys were excellent and gracious hosts. We left thinking we never wanted to eat again, but were happy later when we realized we had leftovers!

November 26, 2008

Give Some Thanks, Already

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hill and I are headed to Charlotte, NC to visit his family. This is my second T-Day with the Sawyer clan and I can't wait to see them. It's sure to be good fun, good food and good laughs. 

When I return I'm sure to have new stories and photos for you. In the mean time enjoy your families and those rare moments and precious memories. 
November 22, 2008

Gratuitous Couple Photos

A few weeks ago we had our engagement photos taken by Amy, the funny and fantastic photographer behind Eye Know Photo here in LA.

It was a super fun experience, but I felt totally awkward in front of the camera at first. Hillary was cool as cucumber, as always, and between him and Amy I relaxed and just went with it.

This one is about where I stopped paying attention to the camera because Hillary was cracking me up. He makes me feel like this a lot. I'm a lucky girl. 

If someone asked us to explain our relationship, we could just hand them this photo of our feet. 

There was really nothing exciting inside that window. 

This was on our way to lunch at Masa, our favorite place to eat in Echo Park. Amy spotted these doorways in the alley we parked off of and we snuck a few more shots in. That girl's got a good eye

I have some more up on my wedding blog, Indiana Weddings, check em out.
November 19, 2008

Stuff On My Mischa

This is the fruit of my STB Hubber's evening. He managed to balance a half full can of Modelo on our sweet, easy-going, little Mischa's head, or neck, rather. He's in between jobs at the moment (he works in the production world and is not laid off - important to clarify in the current climate).  Idle hands... 

Last night's project found it's way on top of her also. It's like living inside Stuff On My Cat Dot Com.
November 16, 2008

The Light the Fire Makes

The light outside has had a dawn like quality all day from the fires in the area. I have thought several times about going outside to take some photos, but can't quite get the energy up to change out of my PJs. 

There is a heaviness in my chest akin to spending a long night in a smoke filled bar from the extra polluted air. I think I'll curl back up on the couch for another movie. Yawn...stretch.
November 13, 2008

Good For You, Good For the World

Who wants to save the world if we can't look cute doing it? Okay, probably someone, but not me. I am loving this newly found Etsy shop called Amour Sans Anguish.

All of the super unique clothes are made from recycled facbric and reclaimed articles of clothing.

I am seriously considering purchasing this one.

Or maybe this. They also have a website with lovely photos and creations that are no longer available.
All photos from the Amour Sans Anguish Etsy shop.
November 11, 2008

A Little Break

I came to my coffee addiction late. I was well into my late-early twenties or early-middle twenties at the latest. I love coffee. I like the ritual of it, brewing it in our one cup Senseo, using the same clay mug a friend of mine designed, adding just the tiniest bit of cream to sweeten it up. I like that Hillary and I stop and get coffee when we're doing errands and that my dad and I drink it around the island in the kitchen when I go home to visit. 

I am a person who is totally in tune with my body and my skin has been acting totally weird lately. It's dry and has patchy red spots. I get monthly facials and follow my esthetician's instructions like it's my job. I get plenty of sleep and eat well. And I think it's time to maybe, possibly, stop the coffee habit and see if my skin clears up. Okay, no, I'm doing it. 

Yes, this has something to do with my impending wedding, obviously I want to look my best. But I think your outward appearance has a direct correlation to the status of your inside appearance. 

I'm starting on Monday because I it's a day for beginnings. Sunday Hillary will take me to brunch at our favorite place that serves their coffee in bowl size cups and I will say adieu...for now. 

If anyone has ever wondered what my situation or surroundings are when I write this blog - the picture above is my lap and the fur ball is Tres, who has become quiet snuggly since the temp has dropped into the 60s. So the computer is perched just in front of him on my knees and my arms stretch over him because I'm a sucker and what Tres wants he gets. 
November 5, 2008


I am just so proud of this country right now. We spoke loudly and clearly and we prevailed! We have a long, hard road ahead of us, but the first step has been taken.  

I'm also beyond proud to be a native Indianan, which was one of the states that almost always goes red, but not last night. Don't let anyone tell you your votes doesn't count, because Indiana (and Iowa and Florida) proved that to be a false message. 

California, however, who passed a bill to ban gay marriage...again, you are dead to me. When I cast my vote against Prop 8 yesterday morning I was so excited to be a participant in a step towards equality in this country and I am deeply disappointed. 
November 4, 2008

If You Haven't Voted What Are You Doing Reading This?

Election Day Haiku - 

Long Lines Don't Matter
Neither does a rainy day
Go Obama Go

Long lines at 7a.m. when the polls opened, by the time we made our way through and voted the line had doubled.  I spent my time in line taking photos of the plants covered with the first prolonged rain of the season. 

It's all very exciting! People have been compelled to act. Let's just say I feel hopeful about tomorrow.

Enjoy some voting music from Tokyo Police Club -

November 1, 2008

You Know You Want It

Happy Halloween from Porcelain Manifesta and The Raveonettes.

October 29, 2008

If I Were 12...

Thanks LAist for the nifty pic board.

These dolls made my inner 16 year old Goth give my inner 9 year old Barbie lover a huge hug and then they ran into my inner Manga fan (those are comics, mom) and they all threw a party.

I love these things. They're like Blythe dolls gone wrong.

They're called Zombuki and the website has a photo shoot for each one. Totally cute. My favs are here and here.
October 28, 2008

Ridin' It Out

Bicycle Riding from Zack McTee on Vimeo.

Our friend, Zack, did a cool little video of my baby riding around town on his bike. Looks good!

UPDATE: I have no idea why this won't imbed properly, it's super annoying. So go here to watch.

October 27, 2008

Self Reflection

Griffith Park as my Diana sees it

I am a creature of habit. Without a loose routine I find myself on the couch burning through my Netflix at an alarming rate. Without a plan or sense of purpose I get overwhelmed with the possibilities and retreat. This has been my life for the last three weeks. 

The bathroom project is never ending and they keep finding new things to repair. So instead of waking up, drinking some water while checking email, working out, making breakfast, blogging over coffee, running errands/working on thesis and then heading to work (aka my kitchen table) in the late afternoon, I'm lost. 

The plumber or tile guy show up at 9 a.m. so I have to be up by 8, which is a bad start as it is because I researched big wigs in Asia/Pacific until 1a.m. (that's what they pay me for) and my body requires 8 hours. So I'm groggy and there are a bunch of construction type dudes roaming my one bedroom, which doesn't really leave room for the creative juices to flow. So Disc 5 of the first season of Gossip Girl, here I come.

The happy news is today is the last day. Copper pipe replaced, shower basin poured, tiled and grouted, no more dusty boot tracks on the hall carpet and back to my routine. 
October 21, 2008

Lowbrow Sophisticate

I am once again very proud to be a contributor in the world of The Lowbrow Sophisticate. This online lit zine has witty, dry humor, social commentary and just plain good writing. It's filled with something for every taste: poetry, short shorts, excerpts from plays, novels and essays.

The creator and main writer for the site, Dan Monroe, has excerpts from his yet to be published book - The Resiliency, giving you the chance to get a sneek peek before it hits the best seller list.

You can find my stuff posted under Jonesy. Enjoy!

October 15, 2008

That's More Like It

And just to make you feel better after that last post...

Now let's just all replace those ugly hatin' PA people with progressive, adorable teenagers and Gossip Girl stars in our minds. Deep breath...okay, I'm good.

Better watch it again for good measure (and more Penn Badgley. he's scrummy.)

Puke Worthy

If you are easily incensed or have and want to keep faith in your fellow Americans, do NOT watch this video.

Thank you Pennsylvania for reminding us that ignorant bigots live in more than just the deep south and Michigan.
October 8, 2008


I've received a whole load of baby pics from my family this week. I was thinking - wow, these kids are really freaking cute...too cute to just sit in my email box. So here you are, readers, I present to you, The Adorables.

This is Kailey, she's a sass-a-frass.  That's her in the first pic too, smack in the center, workin' those tap shoes. 

Cooper and his big sister, Caroline. The eyes have it!

Warning: Cute factor is at tooth ache level on this clip. My babiest cousin, Danni Shannon getting her groove on. Ignore our chatting and my rendition of Joe Perry's guitar riffs. Danni turns 1 this month! Oh my, how time flies. 

October 1, 2008

I Hate L.A.

Okay, maybe hate is a little strong and I don't always feel this way. But it is 100 degrees here today. I repeat 100 degrees...on the first of October. My body is hard wired to be wearing boots and big sweaters this time of year. I want cider and orange and yellow trees. 

Also, I had to run errands in my car. The parking lot at the bank was full at 11a.m. on a Wednesday. I waited in line for 15 minutes. Two of the roads I had to take were completely backed up because of construction or accidents and the parking lot at the video place was being paved and the whole thing was blocked off. The parking lot next door was enough to break a sane person and after the traffic and the bank I was no where near sane. There are too many people in this city and they all have cars. AHHHHHHH! 

Then to calm down I walked to the corner nail shop for a badly needed pedicure. The stations were all taken up by a gaggle of frighteningly thin girls who were dressed at 1:00 in the afternoon as I only do on very special occasions. One of them talked non-stop about how she just can't understand why she is so hung-over, because the Petron/wine/Grey Goose was all top shelf. It must have been the margaritas, who knows what kind of tequila they used in those. The urge to flick her in between the eyes was nearly uncontrollable. 

Okay - deep breath. Thanks, I feel better. 

Today Hillary and I celebrate two years together. It feels like so much longer. I mean that in the best way. He is, of course, the reason I am in this damned city and not my beloved Chicago. But he is the best reason, what I love most about this city, and I would move to Antarctica if it meant being near him. 

This is us on the first night we met. I was already enamored.

Photo - Alan Simons
September 30, 2008

Europe Comes to Town

Florian and Eleonore at Marilyn Monroe's hand prints in the Walk of Fame

Our friends from Germany and France were in town over the weekend and we got to do some touristy Los Angeles things, which is always fun because we never get around to them on our own. 

Hollywood Blvd., which is where you can find the Chinese Theater, Walk of Fame and Kodak Theater, is typically awful. It's crowded with tourists and street performers and has successfully repelled me for the entire time I've lived here. But Florian and Eleonore wanted to see it, I can't blame them. So we went and I, actually had a great time. It was fun to see the genuine excitement they had for the place and it melted my jaded view rather quickly.

We also went to The Getty Museum, which has an amazing garden and tons of fantastic art. I was so impressed. Hands down, best museum I've ever been to. 

There were gorgeous Dahlias all over the place.

The Getty must have the best views of Los Angeles. If there is a better place, someone please tell me.

Pretty water feature in the center of the Getty gardens.

We had so much fun with Florian and Eleonore and hope they can come back to the U.S. soon. Or maybe we'll get over to Europe. That actually sounds much better.