February 27, 2008

Go To Hell Zell

This entry falls under the heading of whatever the hell I want - no thesis news today.

I'm officially addicted to news feeds. I just started using Google Reader and am pretty entertained by it. People have their problems with the Google suite, but I like everything accessible from one place, so it works for me. G Reader (like most feed readers) is like having a personalized newspaper that constantly updates itself with whatever kinds of stories I choose. I read the news and finance feeds all day long. Not to mention the blog Garfield Minus Garfield, which is the funniest thing I've seen in a while. It's seriously impacting my work time.

So Sam Zell, owner of the Cubs, is being more vocal than usual about selling the team to the highest bidder, no matter if they change the name of the field or not. Is nothing sacred? Money isn't going to make you any taller, Zell. What's next? Rip down the ivy? Replace the homey brick walls with some unsightly building material with no character? Stop selling Old Style? Zell obviously has no integrity, class or appreciation of history. I direct him to the last paragraph of my blurb published in the Low Brow Sophisticate and wish him in that Range Rover.

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