February 18, 2008

Setting a President

I like to be comfortable when I write. I curl up with my laptop and a cup of tea or coffee...sometimes wine. For Christmas my parents bought Hillary and me this chair, which is the maximum in writing comfort:
Sadly, the top cushion is already dented. But who could say no to this face? 

President's Day is a wonderful holiday. I get the day off with no familial obligation or parties to attend. It's the perfect day to complete my first goal of revising and editing my five finished pieces to send off to my wise and patient thesis advisor, Lisa. How she hasn't completely given up on me is beyond my comprehension. 

How did it get so bad? It's a good question, one I can't quite answer. Take a full time job, mix in a healthy does of life bumps, my uncanny ability to rationalize procrastination and a pinch of the fear of not having anything original to say and you'd get something close to your answer. 

The finished pieces are as follows:

Tranimal - 12 pages
The Guilt Watch - 18 pages
Fighting the Glare - 21 pages
Down on the Farm - 10 pages
Don't Call Us Hippies - 20 pages

That is a total of 81 pages. I essentially need 100 more to complete the thesis. Tranimal is a simple story and won't grow in any notable length, Guilt, Glare and Hippies are more complicated stories, but I've been working on them for years now and think I've whiddled them into their permenant shapes. Farm, on the other hand, is new and may grow as the story works itself out. 

So now the hard part begins. Writing new material. I have some ideas, but none are very motivating so we'll see if I can get anything to blossom. 

I spent most of the morning changing the tense throughout Guilt because it was just a mess, but I think it's straight now and ready to be sent along. 

I took a break around 2:00 to walk to the market and get curry powder for the egg salad recipie I got from 101 Cookbooks, my favorite cooking blog. Heidi makes the most beautiful food. I planned on taking a picture of it, but mine didn't quite come out as pretty as Heidi's. It did however make a great lunch. 

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