February 23, 2008

Signed, Sealed, Delivered...hopefully

The most complete copies of the first five pieces have been printed and sent via priority mail to Lisa, the thesis advisor. They've had plenty of time to get to Evanston, IL by this point and I expect have been tossed in a pile of other students work for Lisa's red pen to have it's way with. Other than grammatical corrections she undoubtedly will have, I hope she considers at least four of them thesis ready. 

Today I start on a new piece. I've set aside the ideas I have floating in my head (one about my radio days in college, my childhood country club days, my experience with carbon monoxide poisoning and my UK trip in college, also the idea I just had regarding my trip to Hawaii when I was 17...maybe I could do a vacation collage of sorts) for something I think I can actually turn into about twenty pages and is about my immediate life. 

Hillary and I just booked our tickets to Indy (cheaper than flying into Louisville) for our yearly trip down for Derby weekend! Hillary has some excellent Derby stories, as do I. So I was thinking I could combine them. Mine I would obviously write as my own, in past tense, first person. So for Hillary's I think I will frame them in a dinner between the two of us and a conversation we're having. So he will essentially be telling his stories, but I will get deeper and more detailed than one might in a typical dinner conversation. It might be bending the rules of creative non-fiction, which defines the parameters of my thesis, but it's my story of him telling me his stories...which I think works. Until Lisa tells me it doesn't. 

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