February 17, 2008

The Words On My Shoulders

Hillary and I spent our morning drinking coffee and listening to NPR. I leafed through a few cookbooks in search of inspiration for the week's meals and to make a shopping list for the farmer's market. This was our ultimate destination once we'd reached our caffeine quota and dressed ourselves. With the recent rain and, even more recent, bought of warm weather here in southern California, our local farmer's market was particularly bountiful and we had a hard time sticking to our shopping list. We came home and opened up the house, letting in the breeze and sunshine. Hillary turned on the new Vampire Weekend album and set to busying himself with minor repairs around the house. I cleaned and chopped our vegetables and ironed a fresh table cloth to set our bowl of fresh fruit on. 

Add in some reading time and the lasagna I'm going to make for dinner and this is my idea of a great Sunday. But a darkness looms. 

I have a guilt that hangs over me whenever I am doing anything besides working on my masters thesis. I am not your average college student. I am in my final year of my twenties and I work, at least, forty hours a week. I am not writing your average thesis. It's a collection of my personal works of non-fiction. I completed 120 hours of MFA course work at Roosevelt University in Chicago almost two years ago with a nearly perfect GPA. Each semester I pay $100 to extend my thesis due date. 

It's proven to be the hardest thing I've ever done. But now it's time to finish it. 

This blog is an attempt at some kind of motivation. I'm hoping that public humiliation will spur me along faster than personal humiliation has thus far. 

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Anonymous said...

Please allow me to cast the first stone of public humiliation. That guilt that you describe is the way I feel almost any day that I just try to chill. Thankfully I am without sin and know how to cast.
Love, DAD
PS-We know you can do it.