March 27, 2008

Art for your Dollhouse

My dig of the week: Art-O-Mat. It's rehabbed vintage cigarette vending machines that dispense tiny pieces of art. Mostly it seems they are located in museums, but when Hillary and I live in our warehouse that will have a coffee/book shop in the front of it, we're totally getting one. In the mean time I'm headed over to MOCA for some bite sized art.

Yesterday was slotted as my evening for writing but I got smashed into by a BMW 5 Series and therefore, stayed huddled on my couch with pizza and beer watching a Metallica documentary with Hill, trying not to remember my cute little, starlight blue, Matrix up on the sidewalk with a broken axle.

Tonight I write. Seriously.
March 25, 2008

New Wave-alicious

Oh my Rockness! By unknown forces a clip of my Dad's early 80's, post punk band, Petre Gunn has surfaced on Youtube. They actually did the soundtrack for an Indie flick called Double Exposure and this is a performance from that movie. The band is all on stage, except the singer, which is MY DAD.  His vocals are dubbed in for the fat guy's voice. Fatty is the actor in the movie, not actually in the band. 

I am in love with this video. All of the people bopping around are so cute. It's like the happiest mosh pit ever. Rumor has it that my mom is in the crowd somewhere. 
March 10, 2008

A Bit of the Busk

Photo of Grasmere in the English Lake District, 1999

Here's a little clip from the story entitled "American Busker." The scene takes place in London, almost a week before reaching the Lake District and the mountain pictured above.

We used our tourist’s unlimited week pass for the Tube and got on the first train that pulled into the underground tunnel. It was clear that Charles wasn’t going to elaborate on exactly where we were going, but I decided it was okay that I didn’t know. It crossed my mind that letting a man I barely knew lead me to an undisclosed location in a totally unfamiliar place would be considered a risk by a lot of people…probably even me on most days, which made it all the more exciting.

We got off the train in a quaint little market area with cobblestone streets and iron lampposts. Shop keepers were rolling up the garage style doors that kept their store fronts safe from what may lurk in the night, to reveal windows full of freshly baked breads and hanging clusters of cured meats. A florist was setting buckets of brightly colored daisies and tulips on the sidewalk under her shop window and a grocer rolled out carts heaped with fresh fruits and veggies.

We kept walking past the shops and followed the cobblestone road as it veered to the left. There was a tall hedge on our left and more shops to our right.

“I think it should be right past these bushes,” Charles said.

As soon as he finished his sentence we came upon a large courtyard with cobblestone trails weaving around green grassy patches spotted with budding trees. All of the trails lead to a small cathedral, it’s towering spire and intricate stonework was like something out of a fairytale. There was a small, gray haired man in glasses with darkly stained fingers closest to us. He was setting up an easel and laying out charcoal sketches of the cathedral on a blanket in front of him. There seemed to be a vendor with a wheeled cart to match every shop down the road. Men and women were pushing around loads of flowers, fruit, and even baguettes with a variety of sandwich makings on them. I saw a mime dressed in a black leotard with a wool skullcap and white face. He was moving at normal human pace, unstacking several wooden crates he had with him.

I looked at Charles. He had on jeans that were torn at the knee, a Blind Melon t-shirt under his grey zip-up hoodie and a baseball cap on backwards. Then I looked down at myself, bell-bottom jeans, pastel tie-dyed tank top dress with a blue sweater and paisley scarf that hung down past my knees. Even though we looked exactly like we did an hour earlier I felt like a Cindarella-esque tornado of glitter and magic had overtaken both of us and transformed us into the people standing there.
March 8, 2008

Sunny Temptation

It's a gorgeous day here in Southern California, high 70's, sunny. It's going to be hard to stay on task. I've eaten peanut butter on toast, had a cup of coffee in my lovely, sunny, breakfast nook and listened to last week's NPR podcast of "Sound Opinions." I'm ready to start.

Contact has been made with Lisa, the advisor. She emailed to say she got the package of 81 pages and will begin reading this week. She asked when my goal of graduation is. I replied, "hell, sometime this decade would be great." In reality though, my goal (here we go...I'm saying it out loud) is to have the whole thing finished...I'm going for page length, not the grammar the end of this semester. So that's the beginning of May. I told Lisa I'd have some more pages to her by the end of March.

I've got 10 pages of the England trip story. I'm sitting down to write more now. I wonder if I should post excerpts...