March 8, 2008

Sunny Temptation

It's a gorgeous day here in Southern California, high 70's, sunny. It's going to be hard to stay on task. I've eaten peanut butter on toast, had a cup of coffee in my lovely, sunny, breakfast nook and listened to last week's NPR podcast of "Sound Opinions." I'm ready to start.

Contact has been made with Lisa, the advisor. She emailed to say she got the package of 81 pages and will begin reading this week. She asked when my goal of graduation is. I replied, "hell, sometime this decade would be great." In reality though, my goal (here we go...I'm saying it out loud) is to have the whole thing finished...I'm going for page length, not the grammar the end of this semester. So that's the beginning of May. I told Lisa I'd have some more pages to her by the end of March.

I've got 10 pages of the England trip story. I'm sitting down to write more now. I wonder if I should post excerpts...

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