April 25, 2008

One Last Push

Patsy (right) with her bestie Marianne at one of many, many parties thrown by our family 

We lost my Gram last week. She kept her spunk and spirit until her very last days when she left on her terms - at her home with her children around her. Her and I shared many things, one of them being our love for words. She graduated from Indiana University in 1951, at a time when it was not the norm for women to go to college. She was a master crossword puzzler, avid reader, and corrected our grammar every chance she could. We had an understanding, her and I, we still do. I feel connected to her now and know I always will. 

I saw her in February before the cancer ravaged her body and took her speech. We chatted and both knew when I left to come back to L.A. that it may be our last visit for a very long time. I was able to see her before she passed, only hours and I was there to watch her go, but communication had been cut off by then, although I know she knew I was by her side. 

My mother shared a conversation she had with Gram Patsy a few days earlier, in a moment of lucidity. My mother was telling Gram that I was thinking of her, but was in Los Angeles so I could not be there. Gram nodded that she understood and said, "I know she can do it," several times. When my mother asked her what Gram knew I could do she never got a response. When mom told me this she threw out the possibility that maybe she knew that I could make it back home before Gram left us for good. But I knew exactly what she meant as soon as the words came out of my mother's mouth. 

Gram knows I can finish this thesis. 

This May is officially 2 full school years that have passed since I finished all my class work and have just owed them a thesis - I'm sure it's some kind of record.

April 14, 2008

Two Thousand Not-So-Great

I mean, I don't want to be a whiner or anything...but life is seriously sucking right now. My Gram is in her last days, probably hours; my car is smooshed and the body shop is holidng it hostage; I had to PAY taxes this year for the first time ever and I just spilled tea on my dry clean only pants. Calgon...anyone? Anyone?

But the Daily Kitten made me smile. Get some kitten here.

Whenever life stresses me I get caught in a creativity black hole. Lisa says, "use your pain." I just can't see through all of my mind debris to the white screen space in front of me. All I seem cabable of doing is staring at the wall and wondering how and when it will all turn out. So once again, I seem to be creativly derailed. I need to just buck up, but I feel mostly like just thinking that the universe doesn't want me to finish this thesis.

April 13, 2008


My favorite star siting since I've been in L.A. happened today at our local farmer's market. Soleil Moonfrye (aka Punky Brewster) was getting some tomatoes with her daughter, Poet. 

I feel a special connection to Soleil because I've been told all my life that I look like Punky... although, I'm rather sure the reference is to when she looked more like this: 

than in the pic above. Either way, fun to see her purchasing some locally grown fruits and veggies. 

April 3, 2008

A Recommendation...or Three

Photo by Jen at mypolaroidblog

The lovely and talented,Lindsey has started an art blog. She's an amazing photographer and has excellent taste and you should stop reading this and check her blog out right now. Ten Thousand Tentacles

She inspired me to recommend a little art myself. The above polaroid was taken by Jen over at My Polaroid Blog. She has the prettiest collection of understated, colorful, delicate photos all taken with her Polaroid camera in an effort to bring back some popularity before the company goes out of business. 

Last on my most visited blog list is H! Fash!on. An L.A. fashion blog by my good friends Zack and Lauren. I can't think of a better place to see what you should be buy for spring, and where you can get it. 
April 1, 2008

Coat-tails Are Comfy

TLC Network, home of the famed Wedding Story, Trading Places and Little People, Big World, is currently casting for a new documentary styled reality show about singles in L.A. My friend, Amy (pictured above), auditioned last night to be the single, or at least one of them. As part of the schtick, she brought three friends with her who knew her well enough to answer fairly in depth questions regarding her love life. I was one of those friends.

I don't watch TV (I am actually addicted to it, so we don't have it in our house or I become a waste of a person) so it's a little ironic that if they choose Amy to follow around for a weekend of single-dom I'll be on the forbidden small screen. The basic plan, as far as I can tell, is the four of us would go out on a Friday/Saturday night with a camera crew and they'd film us having fun. We're hoping they pick up our tab.

I am not single in LA and thank god. I did manage to talk extensively, as did Amy's other two friends, on why we think she is last night. They recorded our interview without Amy in the room. Then they asked her the same questions they asked us and recorded her answers. Even if they don't pick us, which...let's face it, slim chance...I'd be very interested to see how different our answers were from Amy's. So more on that to come.

The Busker piece is nearing the end of the middle. I have to think of which point I want to stop telling the story and how to do it artfully. Ending when we land back in the US seems trite. Hopefully once I get there I'll know it.

Lisa wrote "I read your stuff. I like your stuff. I'm concerned about your cat. Sending the work out tomorrow." The cat comment is about the piece Tranimal, where my orange boy cat gets a sex change. He's fine now and I put Lisa at ease with this adorable pic ala Hillary: