April 14, 2008

Two Thousand Not-So-Great

I mean, I don't want to be a whiner or anything...but life is seriously sucking right now. My Gram is in her last days, probably hours; my car is smooshed and the body shop is holidng it hostage; I had to PAY taxes this year for the first time ever and I just spilled tea on my dry clean only pants. Calgon...anyone? Anyone?

But the Daily Kitten made me smile. Get some kitten here.

Whenever life stresses me I get caught in a creativity black hole. Lisa says, "use your pain." I just can't see through all of my mind debris to the white screen space in front of me. All I seem cabable of doing is staring at the wall and wondering how and when it will all turn out. So once again, I seem to be creativly derailed. I need to just buck up, but I feel mostly like just thinking that the universe doesn't want me to finish this thesis.

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Mrs. Dobson said...

the kittens made me feel all better, too!