May 28, 2008

With This Ring

Hillary and I are engaged! I'm pretty much over the moon about it. He asked on Saturday in a very laid back, Hill type of way. We are just full of ideas how to make this whole thing very "us." But don't think that means the PM blog will be turning into a wedding blog. I've decided not to do this for two reasons, 1) It's WAY over done. Although I do appreciate the ideas I'm getting from the ladies who do blog their weddings. 2) I want the whole thing to be a surprise for my guests.

Some of the best reactions we've received:

The Sweetest: Our bestie at Ten Thousand Tentacles. Thanks Linz!

Tie for Funniest: My Cousin "It's about time some guy had the balls to ask"

My Friend who works with my dad "Very nice, I'm happy for you. And your father just sold a huge job, so go ahead and splurge, he can cover it."

Now I really need to get this thesis pounded out so I can focus on wedding plans.

May 21, 2008

This Week In Awesome

The winner of awesome this week is that Mr. Entourage himself, Adrian Grenier, went strolling past my car as I was getting in it after brunch on Sunday. Hill was driving and I noticed the silhouette of Adrian's signature curly mane coming towards us as I was getting in the passenger seat. I pretended to be rummaging in my purse until he got close enough for me to focus on him. He was with a bud and was slurping on an almost empty fountain drink. Hill was quick to point out his fashion faux pas of white socks pushed down over his black Converse hi-tops. I found it made him all the more charming and accessible...not that I'm looking to access. I'm happily attached.

Moon County - A new sketch comedy group with Midwest roots has formed out here in L.A. Check out their debut skit and add them to your myspace friends, as you'll surely want to keep tabs on these oddly hilarious gentleman.

I've never read anything that echoed my exact thoughts on vegetarianism more than this article in Slate. Interesting for omnivores and herbivores alike.

Realizing this is cheeseball, it still made me laugh super hard - Panda Sneeze

This furniture designer takes antiques and does her own art all over them. I heart the Verona armoire. It's sad because I know if I tried to draw all over furniture it'd look like garbage and no one would want it in their house.

Hill got a new job on 'Trading Spaces'. He LOVES it and I'm way jealous that he can have so much fun and still get paid for it. So he'll pretty much be travelling for most of June and July which leaves lots of free time for me. Thesis...umm, yes! Attn: To my friends who read this blog, if I call you over the next few months to hang out ask me if I've finished my thesis first, if it's no, just hang up on me.