May 28, 2008

With This Ring

Hillary and I are engaged! I'm pretty much over the moon about it. He asked on Saturday in a very laid back, Hill type of way. We are just full of ideas how to make this whole thing very "us." But don't think that means the PM blog will be turning into a wedding blog. I've decided not to do this for two reasons, 1) It's WAY over done. Although I do appreciate the ideas I'm getting from the ladies who do blog their weddings. 2) I want the whole thing to be a surprise for my guests.

Some of the best reactions we've received:

The Sweetest: Our bestie at Ten Thousand Tentacles. Thanks Linz!

Tie for Funniest: My Cousin "It's about time some guy had the balls to ask"

My Friend who works with my dad "Very nice, I'm happy for you. And your father just sold a huge job, so go ahead and splurge, he can cover it."

Now I really need to get this thesis pounded out so I can focus on wedding plans.


Mrs. Dobson said...

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! i'm so happy you're not going to get all "bridezilla" on the blog front! BTW-the books are going in the mail tomorrow...

Jana said...

I am SO happy for the two of you!! It is about time! Kailey is so excited that Antie Sar, is going to have a "party". lol