June 25, 2008

Love In This Chuck E. Cheese

The Chuck E. Cheese Band should have covered Usher a long time ago. I think this is just what they need to pull them out of their rut. 

That Gorilla is crazy on the keys and the cat puppet does a sweet Young Jeezy impersonation. Eay!

June 21, 2008

Hammock Weather

My Gram Patsy, keeping cool, back in the day.

It is HOT! Not just a little hot, like 113 in the Valley hot. Los Angeles is on fire (not literally, yet...).  We don't have air conditioning and I'm okay with that, it's a total energy suck and besides, laying around in front of the fan in a dark apartment is a good way to spend the occasional Saturday. I spent about five minutes petting my big, old, orange cat in the window and broke a sweat. The stray cat hair is still stuck in the creases behind my elbows. This computer is giving off too much heat. Back to the fan.
June 15, 2008

To All Those Dads...

especially mine,

June 11, 2008

Fancy Dance

Who says dancers don't eat pizza.

Rising star, Hogan McLaughlin, was profiled for an article in Northwestern University's, Medill Reports. He's a dancer in Chicago's Hubbard Street 2 dance troupe* and will be famous, I'm sure, any day now. So keep your eye out for Hubbard Street 2 dance in your hood and check him out here.

The article has a video of him showing what he's got. Read/watch it, you need some culture.

Did I mention he's only 19?

AMENDMENT: As of June 12 - Hogan is now an apprentice with the Hubbard Street Main Company, Chicago's premiere dance company. As I said, any day now...
June 8, 2008

We Are What We Eat

I have an admitted obsession with cooking shows/blogs/articles. I think it's a replacement for my total lack of actual cooking. Mark Bittman is one of my fav food writers and I love his show on the New York Times channel on my frequent Jet Blue flights. Even if you don't have 20 minutes, the first 5 of this talk is really interesting.