July 29, 2008

Notes on an Earthquake

(AP Photo/Dan Steinberg) via LAist

I had my first earthquake today! 5.4! Nice one! The news is calling it moderate, which seems fair being that it was a lot of shaking and not too much fell down.

I was cleaning the bedroom and Tres (my cat) bolted into the room trying to get into the shoe closet he likes to hide in, but it was closed and so he zoomed under the bed. I was like WTF, crazy cat? But then everything started jumping around. The shaking wasn't what I expected. I always imagined the shaking of an earthquake to be even, like a giant wraped his hands around the house and shook the whole thing at once. But it's really more like a thousand legger the size of a city laying on it's back, far underground, kicking it's feet or something like the way the bubbles in a pan rise to the top when it begins to boil. It's a very uneven rumble and it is apparent it's coming from beneath. Which makes sense, now that I think of it.

The lights were swinging back and forth and i could hear the dishes rattling in the cabinets. Then it hit me, I didn't really know what the hell to do. I darted under the doorway between the bedroom and the hall and then under the doorway from the hall to the living room. Then I envisioned the entire contents of the apartment above me collapsing on my head so I made a break for the outdoors. Although thoughts of sink holes did pop into my head. By then it was pretty much over.

The mailman strolled up and said, "man that was a trip." ButI misheard him and thought he said tremor instead of trip. So I shouted, "tremor?! When's the big one?!" He laughed at me and handed me the mail.

Our 60 year old building has seen many an earthquake and held each picture on the wall and glass on shelf. I feel safer knowing how sturdy it it.

Conclusion: Being that there were only minor damages, few injuries and no casulaties I'm happy to have this nice earthquake (as my postman friend termed it) under my belt. It's all part of the California expirience, after all. But I'll be happy if this is the only earthquake story I ever have to tell.

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