July 14, 2008

This Week In Awesome

  • This is what I get to wake up to for the rest of my life, folks. Hillary is an ovo-genius. I will never be able to make an omelette as light and delicate as he does. 
  • I love meeting cool new people, especially women - girl friends are hard to come by. At a lunch with Hillary and his new work crew this week I met an awesome, funny girl named Laura who gave me a darling little card with her name and email on it that said "Laura - The girl you met the other day." I immediately ordered some for myself, although without the clever catch phrase. You can get them here - Moo Mini Cards
  • Porcelain Manifesta is now mine, all mine. I bought the .com, so you don't have to remember anything but those two lovely words. www.porcelainmanifesta.com Soon to be more than just the blog.
  • An inspiring video by everyone's fav NPR personality, Ira Glass, on creating. I heart him.

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Jana said...

This is to cute!! Love you both!