August 27, 2008

Watch Out Gisele!

Apparently I need to talk to my friends more because the lovely Lauren Turner has her face plastered all over the Tylie Malibu site and I had no idea she even did the shoot. 

She looks gorGeous! Check out her hotness here.
August 26, 2008

What Happened to Earhart?

Should you be lucky enough to be in Chicagoland go see Amelia Earhart: Jungle Princess. The New Colony theatre group is putting on the production at National Pastime Theatre beginning September 29th. 

The trailer above is really well done and I'm bummed I won't be able to see it myself. So anyone who sees it, give me some feedback. 

(This is my friend, Nicole Pellegrino's, latest project - so it's almost guaranteed to be great)
August 14, 2008

Teenage Vampire Love Story? I'm In!

We are hitting our midsummer stride here in Southern California and the days are feeling lazy lately. I needed to get out of the house and kill a little time, so I headed to the bookstore down the street. I meandered the aisles with an iced latte in my hands, feeling relaxed and dreamy as being surrounded by stacks and stacks of books does to me. My last three books have been The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Infinite Jest and Love in the Time of Cholera. I needed something fast paced, something decadent and maybe, just the slightest bit trashy.

I don't read books with gold or silver foil on the covers or with authors names that are in a larger font than the title. I was a Lit major and have a masters degree in writing (nearly) so just like chefs can't stomach McDonald's, the ability to enjoy a badly written book, even if smut is what I'm looking for, was stripped from me years ago. It's more an annoyance than anything and I can't get past all the broken rules and lack of style.

In the front of the teen section the display for the Twilight series, by Stephanie Meyer, in all black, red and white lured me like a White Stripes album. The covers are shiny, but the books are thick, around 500 pages a piece. I've heard the buzz lately, teenage vampire stories, being made into a movie, everyone from Goth teens to soccer moms are digging it. I was skeptical. But...I like vampires, a lot actually, just a little less than zombies as horror flicks go and probably more in written form. And I have a lot of free time lately, so a series would keep me occupied for a while. So I bought the first book in the series, aptly named - Twilight.

The prose is clumsy, she uses generic modifiers and cliche descriptions. She describes facial expressions entirely too much and treats her audience like they have amnesia (his skin is ice cold - we get it! He's a vampire!). Also I found the female protagonist a little dense and was annoyed that she couldn't take care of herself better, she falls all over the place and gets herself into bad situations because she makes poor choices.
AND WITH ALL THIS...I could not put it down! After about two chapters I was reading Neverending Story style - minus the school attic and thunderstorm (we don't get those here). Pile of dishes in the sink, email back log, empty fridge? Forget it. I had to know what was going to happen next. I finished all 498 pages in one sitting.

What Meyers does so well is create an extremely realistic high school relationship, except one of them happens to be a vampire. The obsession that is never as intense as that first crush, the complete consumption of your mind by that one person, the physical pain when they aren't near you is perfectly represented in this book. I was stunned at how emotionally invested I was in these characters.

It's not literature, but it is damn good entertainment. I will certainly be back to that bookstore for the sequel very soon.
August 13, 2008

Do Plumbers Plumb?

This is my shower. It's a good shower. The pressure gets the dirt off without bruising your skin and it makes me want to do a collage every time I get in it. 

Recently we have had some smelly brown mystery liquid dripping from the ceiling of the shower. It is impossible to get clean in a shower when dirtiness is dripping on your freshly shampooed hair. After a few phone calls and some unspoken threats of withholding rent, the plumber came this morning. 

Now my shower has no ceiling and the whole apartment smells like ancient damp wood and plaster dust. The plumber can not replace the ceiling and that guy is on vacation until next week. He said it's ok to shower in, but I don't know. I'm scared of what might crawl out of there. 

August 10, 2008

Bama Get's Rick Rolled

I swear I'll have something to say soon, but this is too funny not to share. 

It's about time we have a prez who can dance. 

August 6, 2008

AC and Reality TV

Anderson Cooper watches Project Runway. That makes me feel so much better about my Gossip Girl addiction.

Sigh...Anderson Cooper.

Thanks to Zack McTee for digging that up.
August 5, 2008


Not my dress & the lovely Annie at Nicole Miller

Okay! I admit it. I've been blogging elsewhere. I know I said I wasn't going to blog my wedding, and really I'm not. But I have started a new blog, Indiana Weddings. As I was searching for the perfect wedding venue (caterer/DJ/photographer/etc) in Indiana I quickly noticed that there was no place to go to find interesting, non-banquet hall spaces for unique weddings. 

I love Indiana and I want to show off its potential. So Indiana Weddings is a collection of cool wedding stuff, Indiana style and I throw in a few of my own details here and there too. So there, now you know.