September 30, 2008

Europe Comes to Town

Florian and Eleonore at Marilyn Monroe's hand prints in the Walk of Fame

Our friends from Germany and France were in town over the weekend and we got to do some touristy Los Angeles things, which is always fun because we never get around to them on our own. 

Hollywood Blvd., which is where you can find the Chinese Theater, Walk of Fame and Kodak Theater, is typically awful. It's crowded with tourists and street performers and has successfully repelled me for the entire time I've lived here. But Florian and Eleonore wanted to see it, I can't blame them. So we went and I, actually had a great time. It was fun to see the genuine excitement they had for the place and it melted my jaded view rather quickly.

We also went to The Getty Museum, which has an amazing garden and tons of fantastic art. I was so impressed. Hands down, best museum I've ever been to. 

There were gorgeous Dahlias all over the place.

The Getty must have the best views of Los Angeles. If there is a better place, someone please tell me.

Pretty water feature in the center of the Getty gardens.

We had so much fun with Florian and Eleonore and hope they can come back to the U.S. soon. Or maybe we'll get over to Europe. That actually sounds much better.
September 17, 2008

Saga of the Leaky Ceiling

Message I left on our landlord's answering machine (about 4 months ago) - 

Me: Hi. The shower above ours seems to be leaking. There are little drips of brown water coming through our shower ceiling. Also there is some peeling over the tub too. Please send someone to check it out. Thanks. 

Landlord's message back to me - 

LL: I'll send my plumber out right away.

About a month later - 

Plumber: We have to punch out the ceiling in your shower and expose you to the smell of dust and decaying wood for six weeks before we come back to do anything else. Also, now that you have no ceiling the rusty pipe water will drip on you as you attempt to clean yourself. 

Six weeks, 1 letter, 5 progressively angry phone calls and a threat to withhold rent later - 

Tile Guy: I am yet another subcontractor here to punch the tiles out from around your faucets.

Me: But we don't have a leak. It's the apartment upstairs. 

TG: I only do what I'm instructed. 

Me: Great. So when you're finished today this will all be fixed?


TG: No, I just punch out the tile. Then the plumber comes back. Then I fix the tile. Then they replace the ceiling. Should only take 3 or 4 more years.

Me: But we've got company coming next week! 

TG: {uncaring silence}

Me: Sigh

TG: But I want you to know that this original tile, which is in perfect condition and gives the apartment that vintage look that you love, is irreplaceable and I will never be able to match it to the tiles surrounding it.

Me: Fantastic.

To Be Continued....
September 16, 2008

Green With Glamour

All of this goodness can be found on GWG's site. fleur vases - lightenup design/thank you cards - ink + wit/grandma's cream and sugar set - lightenup design/top - sublet clothing

Misconception of the green movement numero uno: In order to save the earth we have to wear burlap sacks,  let our armpit hair grow and forgo our hostess gifts. Green With Glamour is our new myth busting saviour. 

The site is a roundup of earth friendly and socially conscious clothing, housewares and gifts. And  you should shop there.  

I want to decorate my entire apartment with this stuff. Look at that teal cream and sugar set! That would go perfect with the plates I've registered for (hint, hint family - I'm not above using this blog for gift grubbing)
September 15, 2008

Los Angeleno or is it Angelena?

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my move to Los Angeles. What does this mean? I'm glad you asked. It means:

  1. I have officially been spoiled by the ridiculous amount of days featuring cloudless blue skies and temps in the 70's.
  2. I am used to seeing women wearing Ugg boots in very warm weather.
  3. I have experienced my very first earthquake.
  4. I will forget that it's not September from now until next summer.
  5. The registration is up on my car and now I owe the state like $160 bucks. Boo!

But the most exciting news is that I have lived in this apartment with Hillary for a whole year and we don't have plans to move in the near future. That hasn't happened since I left my parent's house back in 1997. I'm so excited not to be packing!

September 13, 2008


David Foster Wallace hung himself on Friday. He is far and above the most discussed author in my household, as I am still trying to work my way through his 1000 page tome, Infinite Jest. It's Hillary's favorite book and even though I've yet to complete it, it's obviously an amazing feat of art. He had a brilliant and unique mind and the world is worse without him in it. Sadness.  

9/16/08 UPDATE - Appropriately  McSweeney's has a fantastic tribute to DFW. Some really lovely things have been posted. The masthead that always ends the phrase "Timothy McSweeney is..." with something quirky and usually hilarious now reads "Timothy McSweeney is Devastated and Lost." I got teary.

September 11, 2008

Adorable Band Alert!

Camera Obscura's so cute. I want their clothes and their luggage...and those boats. Scottish people rule!
September 8, 2008

Everyone Should Have a Gun Lake

Once a year my family gathers at the same group of cabins on Gun Lake in Michigan to catch up with each other, laugh, eat and drink...heavily. We are the type of family that marks occasions like these with matching t-shirts.

These cabins are as close as I get to camping and I am completely comfortable with that.

We watch sunsets

and run off the ends of docks.

We are our favorite people and love nothing more than to talk to each other about ourselves, while wearing t-shirts from Gun Lakes passed.

We lounge on boats when we're not tubing or skiing behind them.

But mostly, we stared at our collective baby, Danni Shannon.

She is our latest addition and not one of us can get enough of her.

The weekend is one of the best parts of my family and I hope we keep the tradition going for many more years to come. It is a fitting celebration of the close of summer and the perfect mid-year gathering before the holidays. Yay for family!