September 30, 2008

Europe Comes to Town

Florian and Eleonore at Marilyn Monroe's hand prints in the Walk of Fame

Our friends from Germany and France were in town over the weekend and we got to do some touristy Los Angeles things, which is always fun because we never get around to them on our own. 

Hollywood Blvd., which is where you can find the Chinese Theater, Walk of Fame and Kodak Theater, is typically awful. It's crowded with tourists and street performers and has successfully repelled me for the entire time I've lived here. But Florian and Eleonore wanted to see it, I can't blame them. So we went and I, actually had a great time. It was fun to see the genuine excitement they had for the place and it melted my jaded view rather quickly.

We also went to The Getty Museum, which has an amazing garden and tons of fantastic art. I was so impressed. Hands down, best museum I've ever been to. 

There were gorgeous Dahlias all over the place.

The Getty must have the best views of Los Angeles. If there is a better place, someone please tell me.

Pretty water feature in the center of the Getty gardens.

We had so much fun with Florian and Eleonore and hope they can come back to the U.S. soon. Or maybe we'll get over to Europe. That actually sounds much better.


Paul Pincus said...

lovely images!

Anonymous said...

I love the Getty. I was able to catch some great pictures there also. The view is totally amazing and I would love to go back if and when I make it to LA again.