September 8, 2008

Everyone Should Have a Gun Lake

Once a year my family gathers at the same group of cabins on Gun Lake in Michigan to catch up with each other, laugh, eat and drink...heavily. We are the type of family that marks occasions like these with matching t-shirts.

These cabins are as close as I get to camping and I am completely comfortable with that.

We watch sunsets

and run off the ends of docks.

We are our favorite people and love nothing more than to talk to each other about ourselves, while wearing t-shirts from Gun Lakes passed.

We lounge on boats when we're not tubing or skiing behind them.

But mostly, we stared at our collective baby, Danni Shannon.

She is our latest addition and not one of us can get enough of her.

The weekend is one of the best parts of my family and I hope we keep the tradition going for many more years to come. It is a fitting celebration of the close of summer and the perfect mid-year gathering before the holidays. Yay for family!


Mrs. Dobson said...

sounds AMAZING!

Wendy Altschuler said...

ahhh, how fun! You have a HUGE fam!