September 16, 2008

Green With Glamour

All of this goodness can be found on GWG's site. fleur vases - lightenup design/thank you cards - ink + wit/grandma's cream and sugar set - lightenup design/top - sublet clothing

Misconception of the green movement numero uno: In order to save the earth we have to wear burlap sacks,  let our armpit hair grow and forgo our hostess gifts. Green With Glamour is our new myth busting saviour. 

The site is a roundup of earth friendly and socially conscious clothing, housewares and gifts. And  you should shop there.  

I want to decorate my entire apartment with this stuff. Look at that teal cream and sugar set! That would go perfect with the plates I've registered for (hint, hint family - I'm not above using this blog for gift grubbing)

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