September 17, 2008

Saga of the Leaky Ceiling

Message I left on our landlord's answering machine (about 4 months ago) - 

Me: Hi. The shower above ours seems to be leaking. There are little drips of brown water coming through our shower ceiling. Also there is some peeling over the tub too. Please send someone to check it out. Thanks. 

Landlord's message back to me - 

LL: I'll send my plumber out right away.

About a month later - 

Plumber: We have to punch out the ceiling in your shower and expose you to the smell of dust and decaying wood for six weeks before we come back to do anything else. Also, now that you have no ceiling the rusty pipe water will drip on you as you attempt to clean yourself. 

Six weeks, 1 letter, 5 progressively angry phone calls and a threat to withhold rent later - 

Tile Guy: I am yet another subcontractor here to punch the tiles out from around your faucets.

Me: But we don't have a leak. It's the apartment upstairs. 

TG: I only do what I'm instructed. 

Me: Great. So when you're finished today this will all be fixed?


TG: No, I just punch out the tile. Then the plumber comes back. Then I fix the tile. Then they replace the ceiling. Should only take 3 or 4 more years.

Me: But we've got company coming next week! 

TG: {uncaring silence}

Me: Sigh

TG: But I want you to know that this original tile, which is in perfect condition and gives the apartment that vintage look that you love, is irreplaceable and I will never be able to match it to the tiles surrounding it.

Me: Fantastic.

To Be Continued....

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Zack said...

poor thing. That sucks.