November 22, 2008

Gratuitous Couple Photos

A few weeks ago we had our engagement photos taken by Amy, the funny and fantastic photographer behind Eye Know Photo here in LA.

It was a super fun experience, but I felt totally awkward in front of the camera at first. Hillary was cool as cucumber, as always, and between him and Amy I relaxed and just went with it.

This one is about where I stopped paying attention to the camera because Hillary was cracking me up. He makes me feel like this a lot. I'm a lucky girl. 

If someone asked us to explain our relationship, we could just hand them this photo of our feet. 

There was really nothing exciting inside that window. 

This was on our way to lunch at Masa, our favorite place to eat in Echo Park. Amy spotted these doorways in the alley we parked off of and we snuck a few more shots in. That girl's got a good eye

I have some more up on my wedding blog, Indiana Weddings, check em out.


Wendy Altschuler said...

These are fantastic! You look gorg!

Patrick said...