November 11, 2008

A Little Break

I came to my coffee addiction late. I was well into my late-early twenties or early-middle twenties at the latest. I love coffee. I like the ritual of it, brewing it in our one cup Senseo, using the same clay mug a friend of mine designed, adding just the tiniest bit of cream to sweeten it up. I like that Hillary and I stop and get coffee when we're doing errands and that my dad and I drink it around the island in the kitchen when I go home to visit. 

I am a person who is totally in tune with my body and my skin has been acting totally weird lately. It's dry and has patchy red spots. I get monthly facials and follow my esthetician's instructions like it's my job. I get plenty of sleep and eat well. And I think it's time to maybe, possibly, stop the coffee habit and see if my skin clears up. Okay, no, I'm doing it. 

Yes, this has something to do with my impending wedding, obviously I want to look my best. But I think your outward appearance has a direct correlation to the status of your inside appearance. 

I'm starting on Monday because I it's a day for beginnings. Sunday Hillary will take me to brunch at our favorite place that serves their coffee in bowl size cups and I will say adieu...for now. 

If anyone has ever wondered what my situation or surroundings are when I write this blog - the picture above is my lap and the fur ball is Tres, who has become quiet snuggly since the temp has dropped into the 60s. So the computer is perched just in front of him on my knees and my arms stretch over him because I'm a sucker and what Tres wants he gets. 


Anonymous said...

Your splotchiness is probably unrelated and you shouldn't blame coffee because he's a nice guy and wouldn't do anything to hurt you. Linz thought she was allergic to tomatoes but, turns out she was allergic to planning a wedding...

Mrs. Dobson said...

SO TRUE. Coffee would never hurt moderation, of course! The tomato thing bummed me out initially (almost EVERYTHING I eat has tomatoes in it somehow), but after we were married I was just peachy!