December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving in Charlotte - Part 1

{Cindy in the middle of a busy kitchen}

Hillary's family rotates Thanksgiving every 2 years. This was year 1 of 2 at his cousins Smita & Steve's in Charlotte, NC.  They have two little boys, Devon and Dillon (little one above) who LOVE Hillary. They pretty much started crawling all over him as soon as he walked in the door. They are too cute.
{Ellen, Jessica & Jenny}

As seems to be the universal rule, we all gathered in the kitchen to catch up. There was so much yummy food before dinner even started. 

{Hillary wearing his photo face}

There was an entire table of fruit and homemade cookies...guess which was more popular? 

{I am rarely without a glass of wine during a holiday...a party...a week day}

Jenny is getting her degree this school year and will be moving to Hawaii in the summer to work for a fancy hotel chain. She is actually taking a class in wine (and beer) this semester. Her dad and her supplied the whole party with tons of new and exciting wines. My fav was a Malbec that I totally forgot to write down the name of. Sad.

{Smita taking her magnificent edible creations out of the oven}

The food was fantastic! I'm sure Devon and Dillon are still eating leftovers. 

{The gentleman playing a game of Hearts}

After dinner it was game time. Hearts was popular in the parlor and the rest of us played Apples to Apples in the kitchen until I was falling asleep at the table. 

{Me talking to my family in Michigan}

Smita, Steve and the boys were excellent and gracious hosts. We left thinking we never wanted to eat again, but were happy later when we realized we had leftovers!

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