January 29, 2009

Get Your Awesome

Two posts in one day - aren't you lucky. This made me smile and deserves to be passed on. It's an amazing video and I love the song. 

Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie. Enjoy!

Bag It!

I am in the market for a new bag. I've decided to take as long as I need to to find the right one. I want something large...I need a lot of stuff with me, I like to be prepared. Need a band-aid, nail file, hand sanitizer? I've got it.  Also, I want a non-leather bag that looks good and price is an issue. 

So low and behold, I'm scanning one of my fav eco-blogs Treehugger and I discover these lovely, large, vegan bags. 

Matt & Nat are the fantastic geniuses behind these great bags. I love this yellow one and this one, even though it might be too small to meet my criteria, and this one and this!
January 23, 2009

Taking the Gag Off

{Your author 8 years ago playing my dream guitar - what a hippie}

When Bush was elected the first time I was a senior at Ball State University with an English major and a minor in Women's Studies. Now, I believe, this is referred to as Gender Studies and you can not only major in it, which was not available to us then, but get your masters in it. I was not just a student, but I interned in the school's office and was there as much as possible. It became a very important part of my life. I was in that office the first full day of Bush's presidency and maybe that's why I can remember the moment I heard that his first action while in office was to cut funding to hundreds of organizations that provided money to family planning clinics all over the world, which became known as the Global Gag Rule. 

These clinics provided contraception, abortion services and vital women's health care for millions of women across the world. But more importantly they provide knowledge, which is the only way diseases like HIV/AIDS stop spreading. What a slap in the face to women everywhere, that this was one of his first actions as President. I remember how our mood in that office grew from incensed to sad to frightened at what the next (at least) four years would bring to us, this country and the world. It turns out we had great reason to be afraid.

But now that is behind us and while we can not erase all of the new cases of HIV/AIDS that may have been prevented or the starving children that will die of diseases because their parents can not care for them, we can move forward. President Obama (I LOVE saying that) took that first step today by overturning the global gag rule and returning the funding to UNFPA and other vital organizations. 

Population and, by proxy, disease control may be our biggest environmental challenges and it won't come by forced rules or laws. It comes from education. 
January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration!


Welcome to the next chapter...
January 14, 2009

To: Los Angeles

DO: Sheddy's tonight - wine, beer, awesome music, it's your new favorite place. 

SEE: Deana over at Green with Glamour (fav!) has a new blog you should be reading for all things fantastic. 

VOTE: For this photo on wired.com's shadow contest. Talent? He's got it. 
January 7, 2009

Stop Watching Where You're Going

I had lunch with a good friend today and we were talking about complicated decisions we are either making or will have to make in the next few years. Big stuff, like purchasing houses, picking the city that house should be in, having babies, making money, you get the big picture. 

Of course, money is intertwined with all of these things to a severe degree...which I hate, but it is undeniable. Hillary and I are thinking about these things because we want to make the right decisions now...like should we say screw it and have the biggest, baddest honeymoon ever or reign it in and use that money to put us in a better situation when all those big life things above come a callin'. 

So back to lunch - my friend and I were talking and we both remembered how other big things used to be looming, like getting into college, getting a job, finding our awesome guys who at some points in both our lives, we wondered when and how the hell that was going to happen. But it did. And that is the conclusion we came to - The decisions we are making are big ones, but they will continue to be big question marks until they just aren't. Some catalyst will happen to push us one way or the other and then we'll know. 

So I'm going to try and be patient, which is hard for me, because I'm a planner and when you are being patient you can't plan. But here I go, living in the moment, taking it day by day and whatever other cliche you want to use.  It's always worked out in the past and I'll find out soon enough.
January 3, 2009

Ice Storm Rewind

While I was home in Indiana, about two weeks ago, there was an ice storm. It was pretty awesome...until we actually had to take the car out that is. 

My parents have this huge yard which is mostly covered in giant trees and ground cover, so I tromped around for about a half an hour and snapped some photos. 

These are prettier to me now that I'm back in Los Angeles. 

Shockingly, Hillary's flight got in on time later this afternoon. I was so nervous he was going to have a horrible flight, but it turned out just dandy. 

January 2, 2009

First Post of the Year!

Lauren, Staley and I (black dresses, bangs, red lips - we look like someone's back up singers! Not planned.) 

I try to keep low expectations when it comes to NYE. In my experience it is always a bit of a let down.  This year, we ended up at a private party that our friend, Marshall, was DJing and we ended up having a great time. Marshall is one of the best DJs I've heard in LA or anywhere. His music made the party. Here are some photos from the evening with our wonderful friends. 

Staley, helping Marshall out with some scratchin'

I'm not one for resolutions, but here are some things I know 2009 will bring: 

A girl at the party and I showing off our feathers/ Hillary pouring champagne on my head . I'd call him a jerk if his face wasn't so hilarious.

1) Hillary and I will turn 30 one month apart from each other. 

2) After we hit our third decade will be walking down the aisle!!

Lauren and I sittin' pretty for the camera - don't leave me L!

3) Our besties, Lauren and Zack, will be moving to the cooler coast. So so sad.

4) Hill and I will be coming up with a game plan to be permanently closer to our friends and family - all this jet setting is KILLING us. (I've counted 4 round trips in the first 6 months of the year! Thinking about holidays 09 makes me want to throw up a little.)

5) I will finish my thesis - Thesis? Does anyone even remember that is the reason I started this blog. Maybe my one resolution is to write more about it and keep you updated on my progress, because there is some!

In the words of the Zombies - This will be our year, took a long time to come.