February 21, 2009

Family Ties

{Via BBC}

More exciting happenings is the lives of my kin this week:

My talented cousin Phil, who lives here in LA, was quoted throughout a CNN.com article on being a struggling artiste. He comes off great and gets publicity for his comedy group Moon County. Way to be a press whore, Phil!

Plus there are some quotes from a professor at my alma-mater, Ball State University. 

My cousin Brenna and her husband, Nick, have been living down in Argentina since the summer. This week they crossed the boarder into Chile to experience a little eco-adventuring and instead got themselves in the middle of a volcano eruption

Last we g-chatted, Brenna was waiting to hear if their town was being evacuated and ash was covering everything. I have no update, but I've seen her logged into gmail, so I'm assuming it all turned out fine. A good one for the grand kids, guys! Hope one of you is writing this stuff down.

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