February 16, 2009

Wrestle Mania

{Tommy, AKA, Lil'Tom takin' down the competition - Ohhhh Yeaahhhh!}

My family is full of talent, really, we have more than our share. We have fantastic artists that range from photographers to painters, musicians that would knock your socks off with their mastered instrument or vocals, we are writers and comedians, designers and scholars. What we are not, in general, is good at sports. I mean, my cousin Hogan is a professional dancer, but let's not put the kid on the basketball court. 

One shining exception to this rule, and I do mean shining, look at that red hair, is my cousin Tommy. He won his district wrestling championship in Florida, came in second at regionals and is off to state this coming weekend to wow the crowds, I'm sure. 

So way to go Tommy! We're proud of you! Good luck at State. And in the words of his father, "whether he wins it all or not, he's still a champ." Here here!

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