April 30, 2009

And Moving On...

{Photo from my brunch themed Easter dinner I didn't have time to blog about}

Life has had me in a full nelson for the last little while and things have been getting swept to the wayside, that includes this blog. I'm sorry for that, but you know how it gets sometimes. It's been all good things, however, so nothing to complain about except too little time. It's really a shame I've never been into uppers. If I just slept less my house would be spinc-n-span, all of my work would be completed, you'd have tons of blog posts to read and cupcakes for everyone!

So here's what's going to happen. I'm going to get it together, get the photos off of my camera, collect my thoughts and form them into words. Then I'm going to write some posts about all the cool stuff that's been happening and we'll be fast friends again. It'll be like I never left...until, of course, I do again...but you'll forgive me because I'm getting married. (in 7 weeks!)

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