May 14, 2009

Bolt Action Thrill

Apparently, I fucked with the wedding gods by vowing to never be a stressed out/crazy bride. And then this happened. Needless to say, that vow is out the window and I've been on the verge of puking for the last three days. I have a few ways of decompressing when I need to, but neither yoga nor drinking a bottle of wine are really conducive to the commute home. 

So I got in my car, rolled down the windows and put in the Bolt Action Thrill EP. I turned the volume up to the point just below where it starts to be painful. Now obviously, what comes next would be best carried out on an empty country road, like they have back home, and in a car that has more power than my little Toyota. But I turned onto Wilshire at Westwood and to my surprise it was pretty open for 5:00, rush hour, LA traffic. 

The drummer, Richard Burkhardt, counted off the first beats of "Demons of Love," my favorite track (tied with "Late Night Broadway"), on a cow bell as the speedometer reached 50. Deep breaths. Luke Powers' screaming guitar riffs played as I rounded out 60 mph, my shoulders relaxing as the music began pushing the messy clump of problems out of my mind. At 75 mph the knot in my stomach began to disappear with Dustin Boeh's sexy lyrics and versatile voice. Red light at Beverly Glen. 

I was able to get back up to 65 again before the speed trap in front of the 76 Station, just past the golf courses. That's just about where the EP ended, so I put it on repeat and the Louisville boys continued to sooth me with their throwback rock 'n roll. The guitars are dirty and so are the lyrics. 

We've seen them live on a few occasions and it's always a great time. As musicians the guys run a tight ship and carry out an impressive live sound. As a band they suck you in with their charm, good looks and shear enjoyment of their craft. Their excitement is infectious.

In Beverly Hills an old lady in a straw visor started shaking her hips to the chorus of "Down N' Dirty," which made me laugh for blocks. A line from my other fav, "Late Night Broadway," goes "pretty little baby /give me what I need/ sex, rock n' roll and speed." Two outta three ain't bad for a Thursday's drive home. La Brea? Oh Shit! I missed my turn. What wedding disaster? 

Get some Bolt Action Thrill for yourself at or get their EP, Four Lessons For Lucifer on iTunes. 

If you're in Los Angeles, check them out on June 25th at the Cat Club or The Key Club on August 17th. You will not be disappointed. 

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