May 4, 2009

Food On Foot

{Bags of donated clothes}

Every year my office organzies a volunteer day with an excellent Los Angeles organization called Food On Foot. So Hillary and I joined the great folks from my office yesterday afternoon to organize the clothing donations and pass out food to some of Los Angeles's homeless.

{Our team getting the clothes ready}

Food On Foot describes themselves as a non-profit "dedicated to providing the poor and homeless of Los Angeles with nutritious meals, clothing, and assistance in the transition to employment and life off the streets." The volunteer's brought in our own clothing donations and added them to the pile of bags from others. Then we started organzing the clothing into piles for men, women and children.

There was a lot of clothes this year and the gave the group lining up for food and clothes a great selection to choose from. After we organzied the clothing we all got into position behind a food station.

{Team Muffin, ready to pass out the goodness}

There were muffins, cookies, chicken, fruit, loaves of bread and many more choices for Los Angeles's hungry. Everyone was so polite and thankful to be getting the food. It is always such a great expirience to interact with these people. A wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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