May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Recap

{Not from this weekend, but it seems appropriately Memorial Dayish}

My long weekend was so filled with awesomeness, that to not share would just be cruel. My only regret is that I didn't bust out the camera even once to document.

Friday, Lauren and I ravaged H&M at the Beverly Center and came home with some tasty treats. I can't wait to take my new black organic cotton mini-dress out on the town (next Saturday perhaps, for my LA so-long-to-singledom celebration? We're going Hollywood style and will be gracing the Roosevelt with our prescence.)

Then Hillary and I went out to the valley to party with our favorite rockers, Bolt Action Thrill. I drank so much beer I was stumbling in my 3inch wedges. Thank goodness Hillary is the DD of my dreams.

Saturday night we celbrated Staley's 29th year at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary with a viewing of To Catch A Theif. Carey Grant and Grace Kelly in the South of France. Are you kidding me? How had I not seen this movie? Lauren and I drooled over Grant's outfits and I've decided to buy Hillary some ascots. Then Lauren and I drank too much wine (and whatever else) and got lost in the crowd on a wayward bathroom trip. We picked our way through, what seemed like, miles of people huddled together on blankets in the dark, trying not to step on ankles or block anyone's view of the movie. After too many "SIT DOWNS" were thrown our way we finally tumbled down on a patch of grass laughing so hard we could barely breathe. We found our group eventually after some nice people took pitty on us and shared their popcorn for a while.

Sunday was chill, as Sundays should be. Hillary and I saw Terminator Salvation, which is exactly what you want from those kind of movies, but left me annoyed that they didn't work harder with the lead Terminator to cover his British accent. Every time it popped though I hit Hillary on the arm to make sure he noticed why I would be bitching about the movie later.

And today I will pick up my wedding dress. (WHAT??? OMG!!) Then Zeppelin will be heard loudly coming from the turntable, as I get this apartment ready to have other people in it while we're on the honeymoon. 29 days and counting.

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hogan said...

thanks for the previous shout out. much appreciated- even though i don't have much to say lately.

i've been preoccupied with your dessert options at yo day.