July 31, 2009

Bolt Action Thrill At The Hustler Free Speech Party

{Photos by Ronnie Erwin}

DISCLAIMER: This blog entry is for mature audiences only and should not be read by A) any of my young cousins whose parents will yell at me at the Christmas party B) My Grandma C) Mom, you can read this, but just a heads up, this will be one of those times when you wonder where I got "that mouth." Dad, well, sorry you missed the party, man, you would have dug it. And for everyone else, this blog entry has a bunch of sex in it, but we're all adults here (I'm serious kids, get off the computer and go play outside) so it's fine.

I wouldn't call myself a fan of porn. I've seen my share. I mostly think it's silly, but it does not disgust or offend me. It's just that freakishly large clits, strap-ons and horrible plot lines don't really do it for me in the excitement arena. I prefer my own imagination if my husband isn't around, but that's just me. I do understand why people (mostly dudes, let's face it) like it and why escapism is such a huge industry. I'm also all about getting paid for what you're good at and if your real and true talent is taking it in the ass on camera, then sister (or brother), I think it's great that you can make a living that way. I'm not going to rush out and get the DVD, but I support your right to make that DVD.

So when I found out that my favorite, newly LA band, Bolt Action Thrill, was playing the Hustler FreedomFest, a benefit to support the adult entertainment industry's (and really all American's, because it's a slippery slope - no pun intended) right to the freedom of speech, I knew I had to be there.

Luke Powers {Photos by Ronnie Erwin}

Thanks to my good friend Mark, who serves as the band's defacto manager, I got to chill back stage with him and the guys. It's been fun getting to know the band, besides insanely amazing rockers they are all just awesome people. Young people, somewhere around 22, I believe. I have this vague inner struggle when I'm around them between the 20 year old partygirl-me of long ago, who would be crushing on all of them and the 40 year old mom-me of the future, who wants to make sure they are getting plenty of fruits and veggies with their whiskey.

Bassist Richard Erwin & Sunny Lane {Photos by Ronnie Erwin}

But despite their inexpirence, what became very clear to me as we were surrounded by porn stars pulling their tits out, posed girl on girl action for the cameras on the red carpet and a full and ready bar, is that these guys are serious about their shit. They drank, but not too much before the show, and they were chugging out of giant water jugs to stay hydrated. They passed on somking a J with a formerly famous telvision star so they could stay clear headed. They had plenty of fun posing for photos with a porn star or two, as they should have, they're rock stars. But when it was time to perform it was business and they were ready. They sounded amazing, burned the place to the ground and then got wasted. Well played, boys.

Another highlight of the evening, for me, was that 2 members of the band had their parent's there. Fuck yes! Support your kids! If they're up on stage whaling on the bass guitar while a porn star is rubbing her butt all over them, stand there and take pictures, scream and clap. That's your job.

One more thing I took away from the night, and I will try to stay off my soapbox, is that many female porn stars have bodies...they are curvy, with butts and hips and at least one of them had real breasts. I know because she was swinging them around on stage and I saw her naked twice in her dressing room, which had no door. This is a multi-billion dollar industry, spurred on by your average guy (and girl). My point is, maybe Hollywood and the fashion industry should take a page from their black sheep sibling. If we had more porn stars modeling for Calvin Klein maybe we wouldn't have so many young girls with body image issues. Just a thought.
July 20, 2009


Hillary and I had the saddest weekend. Our 11 year old cat, Tres, died on Saturday afternoon. He had a bout of bladder stones, which he was prone to, and went to the vet for a procedure he's had several times over his life. Things went well until they tried to bring him out of the anesthetic and he just couldn't wake back up. I was stunned, shocked and devastated. I never even gave a thought to the possibility that I might not carry him back out of that vet's office.

I rescued him from the pound when I was in college. He was the runt of the litter and abandon by his mother before he should have even been weened. He was flea ridden and full of worms. What can I say, I love an underdog. Maybe that was part of what made our bond so stong, he knew I took a chance on him. For all my love and care (not to mention money for all his treatments) I got to spend 11 years with the sweetest, most loveable cat I've ever met.

His level of affection was more on par with a Golden Retriever than a house cat. He always met me at the door when I'd come home from work and when I put my face close to his he would lick the tip of my nose every time. Sharing an affinity for sleep, many times on the weekend I'd wake early in the morning to him moving my hair with his paws so he could lay down next to me. And there we would lay, both of our heads on the pillow, backs pressed together until 10, 11, sometimes noon. I will miss those mornings and his raspy meow and his unwavering adoration.

I know there is an upside, he's no longer in pain and doesn't have to endure the medicine and the trips to the vet he was growing more and more intolerant of.

But I will miss my sweet, sweet boy.
July 17, 2009

Honeymooning - Part 1

{The resort we stayed at on the North Rim of the GC, sat right on the edge.}

The Monday after the wedding H and I flew back to LA, took a day to unpack and repack, and hit the road for our honeymoon and our first vacation together that didn't involve visiting family and friends. Our plan was to drive the 10ish hours to the Grand Canyon, which we did, but it was more like 15 hours because Hillary likes to take the scenic routes. So, being me, I sat with my arms crossed, annoyed in the passenger seat because we weren't taking the direct route. But then I realized I was on vacation (not to mention my honeymoon) and I needed to not be a controlling B, and that's when the fun started for me, and probably Hillary too.


The place we stayed at the Grand Canyon was awesome and we had our own little cabin, which wasn't quite as nice as our cabin at Jenny Lake, but it was very cool and kitschy. The photograph above is from the patio we had drinks on both nights we were there. Obviously, the view was breathtaking and the dirty martini's where to die, but they didn't have any blue cheese olives, which was a bummer.

The second day we took a little walk around the hotel. We really didn't even have to walk, views like the one above were everywhere. Hillary worked at this place 2 summers in college so he had a few things he wanted to show me. So we set off for a 'spot' he knew of. We followed a dirt trail from the hotel. Tourists swarmed around the two scenic spots right in front of the hotel, but as soon as we got five minutes away we stopped seeing anyone, which was nice, because tourists to the Grand Canyon are the same tourists that go to Vegas. So really, best to keep your distance.

{I took this photo, but I was having a heart attack - get away from that edge, you're not a Mountain Goat!}

Now, I know my husband (!) is a guy who likes to take the road less traveled, he marches to his own drummer and all those other cliches. But what I learned in the wilderness is that he literally blazes his own trail. Every time I turned my head to take in the view, he was off in the middle of the weeds or trying to climb up a boulder. It made me nervous. Hello - ticks! Bears! Rabid Elk? Okay, maybe not. But I'll stick to the trail, thanks. So when I saw him beckoning me, holding up a bunch of branches as if I was supposed to duck under them, I was like No Way! But he coaxed me off the path and we picked our way through brush and briar until we got to a group of boulders that hung out over the canyon, which Hillary immediately started to scale.

{Not the rocks H made me climb, but I'm no more comfortable on these, although I was trying, see?}

All I could see was his foot slipping and him plummeting to his death, leaving me a widow after only 4 days of marriage. When he noticed I wasn't following, he came back and dragged me up to the top of the rocks. As soon as I stopped hyperventilating I did enjoy it a bit, but was happy to see the trail. One of the reasons I married him, he challenges my neurosis.
July 14, 2009

Honeymooning - Part 2

{Our cabin at Jenny Lake Lodge}

We spent the second half of our trip in Wyoming (I know you don't know what the first part was yet, but remember we're going backwards.) We stayed at a swank resort in Jackson the first night. Jackson is a cute little town, but full of tourists. So we did a quick tour of the main street and then hit the hot tub and pool back at the hotel, since our accommodations up until then had been much more rustic. We spent one cush night and then back into the wilderness we went.

{Our view from the cabin}

Although, I can't say our cabin at Jenny Lake Lodge was very rustic. But we were in the middle of Teton National Park with no television and, more importantly, no cell phone service. The cozy little room had everything you could ever need, however, including 2 wine glasses and an opener which were put into good use during several games of Scrabble that maybe didn't end very newly weddish. But we never stay mad for long.

{Downhill was the fun part}

Each cabin got two cruiser bikes to explore the park with. After we checked in we took a ride over to Jenny Lake to see what we could see. I was having a great time, until the second half of the ride was mostly up hill and we left the shady cool of the trees far behind us. I'm pretty sure near the end I got off my bike and said something like, "We're stranded with no food or water and I'm pretty sure there is a bear tracking us!" Then a motor home zoomed by and honked it's horn.

{I'm pretty sure it moved a little}

The second day we decided to take a walk around Jenny Lake. We came prepared this time and took water bottles and snacks, mostly nuts and chocolate. It was gorgeous and we had a great time, walking through the woods, brain storming on our future. It felt very honeymooney.

{Hidden Falls - worth the ankle turning}

We walked for a while, nothing strenuous, because Hillary and I had a talk about how I don't wear hiking boots and I don't find scraping my knee and walking through spider webs fun, so NO hiking. Then we see a trail head for Hidden Falls, and I was intrigued, even though Hillary said it'd be more like hiking. And it was. The trail was rocky and kinda slick and man, I can dance in a pair of 3 inch heels for hours on end, but put me in some sneakers on an inclining trail and I turn my ankle every five minutes. But I did it and it was awesome.

{Marmot, not a chipmunk - he kept his distance}

We even tried to keep going and make our way higher to Inspiration Point. We stopped about twenty minutes in because we found a nice flat rock for snack time. We were only sitting for a few minutes before some uppity chipmunk tried to jump into our bag of almonds, which I snatched away, appalled. He hung back, waiting for us to throw him something, but we weren't having it. Then his friend ran up and touched my leg with his tiny, greedy, chipmunk hands. As I screamed, painful sessions of rabies shots flashed across my mind and I was back down the mountain before you could say Teton.
July 8, 2009

Obviously This Sucked

{Our new house - in my dreams}

The Manifesta is back! We're all married and honeymooned and I have a lot of stuff to catch up on so in the words of Huey Lewis - we're going back in time. I'll be starting with the 4th of July and taking you back over the next few...let's face it, probably weeks, until we get to the wedding and the awesomeness that surrounded it.

{The view from the party}

So we were lucky enough to hang with our Best of the West over the 4th at a friends extremely nice digs. We had a great time, with even better people and enjoyed all of the fireworks happening around the city from the deck.

{From Nearlyweds to Newlyweds}

Being that we know we won't be in LA forever, this was a great way to spend the holiday! If only every weekend would be similar...although I'd probably have to check into rehab pretty quick.