July 17, 2009

Honeymooning - Part 1

{The resort we stayed at on the North Rim of the GC, sat right on the edge.}

The Monday after the wedding H and I flew back to LA, took a day to unpack and repack, and hit the road for our honeymoon and our first vacation together that didn't involve visiting family and friends. Our plan was to drive the 10ish hours to the Grand Canyon, which we did, but it was more like 15 hours because Hillary likes to take the scenic routes. So, being me, I sat with my arms crossed, annoyed in the passenger seat because we weren't taking the direct route. But then I realized I was on vacation (not to mention my honeymoon) and I needed to not be a controlling B, and that's when the fun started for me, and probably Hillary too.


The place we stayed at the Grand Canyon was awesome and we had our own little cabin, which wasn't quite as nice as our cabin at Jenny Lake, but it was very cool and kitschy. The photograph above is from the patio we had drinks on both nights we were there. Obviously, the view was breathtaking and the dirty martini's where to die, but they didn't have any blue cheese olives, which was a bummer.

The second day we took a little walk around the hotel. We really didn't even have to walk, views like the one above were everywhere. Hillary worked at this place 2 summers in college so he had a few things he wanted to show me. So we set off for a 'spot' he knew of. We followed a dirt trail from the hotel. Tourists swarmed around the two scenic spots right in front of the hotel, but as soon as we got five minutes away we stopped seeing anyone, which was nice, because tourists to the Grand Canyon are the same tourists that go to Vegas. So really, best to keep your distance.

{I took this photo, but I was having a heart attack - get away from that edge, you're not a Mountain Goat!}

Now, I know my husband (!) is a guy who likes to take the road less traveled, he marches to his own drummer and all those other cliches. But what I learned in the wilderness is that he literally blazes his own trail. Every time I turned my head to take in the view, he was off in the middle of the weeds or trying to climb up a boulder. It made me nervous. Hello - ticks! Bears! Rabid Elk? Okay, maybe not. But I'll stick to the trail, thanks. So when I saw him beckoning me, holding up a bunch of branches as if I was supposed to duck under them, I was like No Way! But he coaxed me off the path and we picked our way through brush and briar until we got to a group of boulders that hung out over the canyon, which Hillary immediately started to scale.

{Not the rocks H made me climb, but I'm no more comfortable on these, although I was trying, see?}

All I could see was his foot slipping and him plummeting to his death, leaving me a widow after only 4 days of marriage. When he noticed I wasn't following, he came back and dragged me up to the top of the rocks. As soon as I stopped hyperventilating I did enjoy it a bit, but was happy to see the trail. One of the reasons I married him, he challenges my neurosis.


Tamara said...

I hear you girl. I am spooked by heights. I would love to be adventurous, but I simply don't tolerate danger very well. A honeymoon is a good time to test your limits. But, Hillary sitting on the ledge made me queasy as well.

LOL! Believe it or not my word verification works for this post.

didefall. LOL (Did he fall?)

Zack said...


HA! That's the first thing that came to mind. Love it!