September 28, 2009

Book - Skinny Bitch

So I have had Skinny Bitch sitting on my shelf for the past year and a half, ever since my friend Wendy sent me her copy. I'd heard tons about it, I just had other books up first on the roster. I knew it was a book about being healthy and looking great, but wasn't a fad diet, which a detest. My friend Deana raves and credits it with her veganism. So my interest was definitely peaked. Finally, this weekend, I got around to reading it.

I have to admit, I spent the first couple of chapters thinking things like, why do these authors keep callling me a fat ass? I am in no way fat. I mean who couldn't stand to lose five pounds, but, really, stop with the name calling already. And then I wondered, when there was the pitch for a meat free diet, if maybe I wasn't their target audience. After all, I've been a vegetarian for the last 15 years. Perhaps this book is for people who spend their time gorging on Big Macs and need a good talking to.

But then I got to Chapter 5 - "The Dairy Disaster" - and I learned some things. Things that have penetrated my brain and changed they way I am currently thinking about the food I eat. I'm not declaring veganism at this very moment. I hate labels. Okay, who am I kidding? I love labels, but I'm just not making the leap all at once. I am sure as hell going to cut WAY back on my consumption of animal products. We'll see what follows. I mean, fifteen years ago I was just going to stop eating chicken because it looked exactly like the inside of a cat I saw dissected. And here I am, meat free since that little incident in college in a dark parking lot with an Arby's Roast-beef Sandwich.

Now I could tell you what I learned, but what was influential to me, might not be so to you. So I recommend reading the book. You may read it and think - Hm, that's interesting, but not enough for me to give up bacon or pizza and especially not bacon on pizza. And I think that's fine too. At least you'll be more educated about what you're putting in your body and can make choices you're comfortable with. I mean no one does a line of cocaine and thinks it's healthy for them, but at least you know what you're getting into.

One of many things this book does well is pack a ton of information in a compact, fun to read little package. It's actually pretty humorous when the harsh words the authors have are directed at evil corporations who are screwing us, instead of at you personally. It has a great set of resources in the back should you find yourself swayed.

In coincidental news my husband has declared vegetarianism. He's calling it a science experiment, I'm calling it VICTORY! Mwah-ha-haaa

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