September 24, 2009

Hugs from the Left Coast

I have some seriously talented friends and/or family. So I'm starting a new blog series called "Hugs from the Left Coast," which showcases the awesome accomplishments of the people I know.

So my actor/comedian friend, Tim Baltz, has been doing a funny promotional series for the Big Ten network called Friday Night Tailgate. Him and his co-host Steve do pretty hilarious little snippets about Big Ten schools and their sports teams.

One of my favorites, posted above, showcases Tim's style of humor nicely and the centaur, unicorn bit made me laugh out loud (no text abbreviations on the Manifesta).

Check out more college humor about the University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin and Iowa State here.

Awesome job, Tim. Remember your friends when you hit the big time!

1 comment:

mattodcia said...

sara, thanks for that post. i love college sports. in fact i have a friend named john, from hammond, who played basketball in college. i also met hillary in college. small friggn world eh? mattodnj