October 26, 2009

Imagining Things That Already Exist

As I am prone to do at least once a quarter, I'm currently grappling with my current role as a cog in the corporate wheel. It's really not something I ever planned on being. However, I've found over the years that to be happy I need things like insurance and a steady pay check. It's just the type of person I am. But and so, the Hubs and I are always discussing ideas and ways we can take the time we give to our employers back and make it ours again, putting it towards making the world a better place. Or whatever.

One thing Hillary wants is a warehouse that he can build, make and do in (his preference is to make it our abode, but we have differing views on that). Then we started thinking about making it some kind of community creative/creation space that we could rent out for events and we could have bands play and have locally sponsored coffee and I could open the record store I've always wanted (yes, I wanted one at 19 and I still do). This is where the conversation always goes south, because I start saying things like - I wonder what kind of insurance we'd need for that type of thing and would we need a liquor license for the parties and how would we keep the guests at the events from stealing all my vinyl merch? And all H wanted to do was dream up our Inspiration Station and here I go bringing reality all crashing down on his head. What can I say? It's what I do.

From an Anthropologie back a year or so ago...not sure of the date.

So last night he begged me to stop and to just sit for 10 minutes and think of exactly how I'd want our warehouse if we took money, location, and all rules and legalities out of the equation. So this is what I came up with:

It's an old red brick warehouse with 2 floors, and tons of long thin windows lining both sidewalls. The front double doors are over sized wooden antiques. They open up to the first floor which is mainly just open event space with polished concrete floors. The second floor doesn't start until about a quarter of the way into the building so there is a balcony that looks down to the entry way, which has approx 24 ft. ceilings.

To the left is my record store. (Name suggestions are welcome.) There are 4 big, thick boat anchor chains coming down from the high ceiling that suspend a series of old windows, still in their frames that make up the walls of the record store. The entire building is wired for sound. The first floor brick walls are lined with local art and in the back there's an industrial kitchen and storage space.

Perhaps something like this, only floating in mid air.

The second floor is all art space with big wooden planked, white washed floors. Tons of tables, big sinks, a dark room in the back corner, an antique printing press. The roof is entirely landscaped with trees and bushes and big patches of grass, specifically for laying on. In each corner there is a small garden - veggie/herb/tea/cutting for all to use.

So that's the place I created in my head and I really, really like it. So much that I want to make it happen in the town we will eventually end up. And so then today I just do a Google search because I wonder... and low and behold there is already something like this where we'll be someday. It doesn't seem QUITE as cool and it's much, much bigger than we were thinking, but it's the same general premise. And now I'm bummed.
October 14, 2009

Zack & Lauren's Trip Across the US

Want to see something that would charm the grumpiest of the grumpy and pretty much put you in a good mood for the rest of the day? Well here you go.

Cross Country Road Trip from zack mctee on Vimeo.

You're welcome.

Blush Article

Amazing earrings from Fahmina

As you all know I've been contributing to the fabulous eco blog Living Green with Glamour for a couple months now. I have been having a ton of fun writing about cosmetic goodness. This week I had the pleasure of spreading my wings a bit and was asked by the Blush blog to give my top eco-fashion picks for fall.

In the top 5 are the fantastic earrings above! I am in love with the sassy sexiness of them. Snag a pair at the GwG online boutique. Check out the article and see what other tasty treats I put on the list.
October 7, 2009

Eddie Still Inspires Me

{Me in...let's say college and my Guild}

I've been feeling musically inspired lately. This comes in waves for me. Lately I've been wishing I had a piano around, but apartment living and frequent changes of scenery have put a hold on my dreams of becoming Regina Spektor any time soon.

My father, an amazingly talented guitar player himself, taught both my brother and I to play the basics. When I was in high school he bought me a small bodied Guild acoustic. For a second I was all - umm, dad, just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I need a small guitar. Oh that smell? Just my bra burning, no need to call the fire department. But then good ol'dad told me that Chrissie Hynde played this exact model. Chrissie Hynde, that goddess of rock and shaggy hair, a foul mouthed feminist who I still idolize. I've been in love with my Guild ever since.

Sadly she has never made it out to my LA home, for a various number of reasons (she spent some time in the git hospital, but is feeling much better now, thanks for asking). Luckily...or something... Hillary has a duct-taped, Takamine which is super hard to play because the action's too high and oh yeah, it's not my Guild, but she makes a tune come out and really that's all I need for now.

I am mediocre at best. I took some lessons in college but was really just paying to ogle at my super cute guitar teacher who I had SUCH a crush on. Our lessons went something like -

Cute Teach - Hey, Sara! Did you practice this week?
Me - No, but I think it would really help me learn that Ani DiFranco song if you could just play your guitar at me for the next 30 minutes while I sigh and stare into your huge brown eyes.

So I really never progressed very far and now just play for myself. When I'm home alone I like to try and figure out Kate Nash songs and sing them in a British accent. But who doesn't? I have about 5 songs in my arsenal that I can sing and play and I feel pretty good about. Maybe even play them in front of someone who isn't on the fence about being friends with me. I haven't added a new song to the collection in a long time.

But so then today I was in the car and that Pearl Jam song came on - Elderly Woman, Blah, Blah This Title Is Too Long. I used to LOVE Pearl Jam. Sophomore year of high school, when I was all flannels and combat boots I used to listen to Pearl Jam and act angsty. Good times. Obviously I know all the words and it just passes through my brain that I wonder if I could play this song on the guitar.

So I get home and look up the chords and I can totally play it. So now I have 6 songs and my neighbors can suck it because I'll probably be playing this for the rest of the week.
October 2, 2009

Hugs from the Left Coast

Please enjoy this song by my extremely talented friend, Collin Magdziarz...

Isn't he awesome?! This little video is a promo for the Local Music Showcase in my town of origin, Hammond, IN. It is organized and sponsored by Thunderclap Recording, which is located on the lower level of the house I grew up in and if I'm not mistaken that is where the video above was recorded. Most likely by the multi-talented John Carpenter (no, this one does music, not movies...although he's starting with the movies) who is the head engineer and owner of Thunderclap. Many a night, as a child I fell asleep to the sounds of demo-making Eighties bands drifting up from the basement through my open bedroom window.

But back to Collin...he's amazing. He sang the recessional song at our wedding, which was Here Comes Your Man, by the Pixies and pretty much brought the house down. Also, he played acoustic guitar for a Lior song during the ceremony and literally learned to finger pick specifically for the occasion. It was flawless.

Obviously he's in a band. Nate & His Kite. I have their EP and it's in my car CD player pretty much all the time. I actually just realized that one of their songs is called Porcelain Curse - which maybe should be the theme song to this blog! Although my fav song is Sway, which is super catchy and pretty much any time I hear the word 'sway' I start singing the chorus in my head.

So if you're in the Northwest, IN area (that means you too Chicago) go check out the next Local Music Showcase at the Towle Theater. There is one coming up Oct. 9 and is full of awesome musicians, like another friend of mine, Marc Quagliara from Groovatron.

Here's Collin singing the Pixies song at our wedding. Featuring the lovely and talented Lucy McLaughlin on back up vocals and the guitar stylings of JD Dragus. You have to get through the clapping, Hillary and I were smooching.