October 2, 2009

Hugs from the Left Coast

Please enjoy this song by my extremely talented friend, Collin Magdziarz...

Isn't he awesome?! This little video is a promo for the Local Music Showcase in my town of origin, Hammond, IN. It is organized and sponsored by Thunderclap Recording, which is located on the lower level of the house I grew up in and if I'm not mistaken that is where the video above was recorded. Most likely by the multi-talented John Carpenter (no, this one does music, not movies...although he's starting with the movies) who is the head engineer and owner of Thunderclap. Many a night, as a child I fell asleep to the sounds of demo-making Eighties bands drifting up from the basement through my open bedroom window.

But back to Collin...he's amazing. He sang the recessional song at our wedding, which was Here Comes Your Man, by the Pixies and pretty much brought the house down. Also, he played acoustic guitar for a Lior song during the ceremony and literally learned to finger pick specifically for the occasion. It was flawless.

Obviously he's in a band. Nate & His Kite. I have their EP and it's in my car CD player pretty much all the time. I actually just realized that one of their songs is called Porcelain Curse - which maybe should be the theme song to this blog! Although my fav song is Sway, which is super catchy and pretty much any time I hear the word 'sway' I start singing the chorus in my head.

So if you're in the Northwest, IN area (that means you too Chicago) go check out the next Local Music Showcase at the Towle Theater. There is one coming up Oct. 9 and is full of awesome musicians, like another friend of mine, Marc Quagliara from Groovatron.

Here's Collin singing the Pixies song at our wedding. Featuring the lovely and talented Lucy McLaughlin on back up vocals and the guitar stylings of JD Dragus. You have to get through the clapping, Hillary and I were smooching.

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