November 24, 2009

Foxen Winery

{Pretty cows on the CA country side}

What is the perfect way to kick off Thanksgiving week? For me it was discovering the most awesome sustainable winery in Southern CA wine country. Foxen winery is my new favorite, possibly ever.

{Barrels of sweet, sweet nectar}

When Hillary told me that the first interview they were doing for the documentary (up on the website as a teaser in a few weeks) was at a solar powered winery about 3 hours north of LA, it never even crossed my mind not to go. Wine. Enough said.

{The Gang at The Shack}

While Hillary and the boys got their shots, the lovely staff at "The Shack" (one of two tasting rooms at Foxen) and I bonded over some of their fantastic wine. I can't even say how much I enjoyed chatting with all of them. They know their wine, that's for sure, but are not at all snooty and I felt no pressure to swirl or aspirate. I just drank and loved it and that was cool with them.

Foxen is a sustainable winery, that became solar powered in August. I would call them minimalists, their entire facility is beautiful, but sparse. Excess and waste is not on their agenda and it shows in the best way. I am a red fan and love Cabernet's, but they have a Sauvignon Blanc that will knock your socks off. I loved everyone so much I had a hard time deciding what was coming home with us. But not that hard.

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