November 17, 2009

New Destructo Box

What do zombies mean to me? More than you might think. I'm actually married to my husband because in our dating infancy our love for zombie movies (and our distaste for Woody Allen films - don't even try, I've heard all the arguments, you won't convince me) brought us closer. "They're coming to get you Barbara" and "BRAAAAAIIINS" became little inside jokes in our conversations. Our tastes vary a bit when it comes to our favorites, he's more of a classicist voting Night of the Living Dead, while I prefer the neo-zombieism that comes with super strength and speed, ala 28 Days Later.

No matter which camp your tastes fall in the latest cartoon from Destructo Box (the brain child of Phil McLaughlin and Joey Reinisch) is zombie-rrific. These two churn out hilarious cartoons a couple times a month that are sure to strike your oddly funny bone. Enjoy!

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