January 24, 2010

Gardein & Field Roast Comment on GMOs in Their Products

Just last week (or so) I wrote about my concern for GMOs and wondered if they were being used to make a few of my favorite meat alternatives - Gardein and Field Roast. I emailed both of the companies to find out and they both responded. Below are the emails they sent me:

From Laurel at Gardein -

"Thanks for your email and your inquiry about our gardein™ products. Our products are non-gmo as we only use 'identity-preserved' soy protein (which basically means, it helps to ensure that our soy protein is not genetically modified)."

From Jennifer at Field Roast -

We are not certified by any body that we can make claims with. But we do not use GMOs by conscious decision of what we buy!"

Do these emails set your mind at ease?

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FRavid said...


Just a little more from Field Roast. First we don't use any of the major gmo ingredients; soy, canola, corn, etc.

Secondly, a while back we contacted ALL of our vendors to get letters of assurance certifying that the ingredients they sell us are gmo free. (it's a paper thing....in fact, its ALL a paper work thing, including from those who certify).

We used to make a GMO free claim on our labels but were told to take it off by the FDA as there are no gmo free standards that are certifiable (this was a while ago..perhaps things have changed).

David Lee