June 30, 2010

Sweet Dreams Are Not Made of This

{Photo by: HDR}

It's pretty well known, at least among pregnant women and women who talk to those women, that pregnancy can make your dreams pretty bonkers. I began looking into this a bit, because I love dreaming and especially love when I can remember them. It's such a nice break from reality. In my research I started to come across a few things that said dreams about ex-boyfriends or flings or just crushes can become super frequent towards the end of the 2nd trimester and even more so during the 3rd.

I asked my go-to pregnancy posse about this and most of them confirmed that it's not just dreams with those guys (or girls) in them, but they are like hot, steamy, way-better-than-it-ever-was-in-real-life kind of dreams. So I was like - bring it! I have, for the most part, good relationships with all the guys I've dated and I was interested to see where the old subconscious would take it.

I'm wrapping up my 2nd trimester here and low and behold, my dreams start getting more vivid and memorable and bang! my nights are visited by ghosts of dating past. Here are some of the juicy details (names omitted to protect the innocent, of course) -

I'm sitting in a life guard stand at the beach on a fall evening, wrapped in my date's hoodie to keep away the evening chill. I break my gaze from the full moon's reflection on the water to look into my guy's eyes...which are full of tears. I realize he's crying and explaining why in two weeks I'm going to tell him it's not working out because of our age difference, but in reality he knows it's because he's overbearing and he makes me feel like the oxygen has been cut off to the room whenever we're alone - but not in a good way. WHAT? The man speaks the truth, but where's the hotness??

I've had two more since that one, involving two different guys and both have been my brain just rehashing the crappy stuff from real life. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not like starved for passion or anything. I was just really curious to see what residual stuff was still lurking in the crevices of my psyche. I mean, I'm pretty practical and pragmatic in my day to day, don't I deserve to enjoy a bit of torrid dreaminess?

Please brain, spare me from the next time I have to sit with the dream version of an ex and write a list of the reasons why it would have never worked between us. I'd just as soon lose that dream to the night and not wake with the memory.

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