January 22, 2011

Baby Shower Maddness

I am not very artsy. I write, I take mediocre photos, but I don’t generally create tangible arts or crafts. That is something I have been thinking about working on changing.
Last weekend I threw my best friend, Lindsey, a baby shower and I figured what better place to start being tangibly creative. She threw me an amazing friends shower and we all made tie-dyed onesies. It was such a fun project and Beckett wears one almost every day.
Linz Loot 2{The lovely Linz and a few gifts}

I wanted to do something along those lines – a fun project for my guests that Lindsey and Baby Girl would benefit from. Our friend, Kati, sent me a little inspiration in link form and I began preparing everything we’d need to decorate onesies with personally created, iron-on appliqués and (store bought) letters.

The ladies over at Off Beat Mama did an excellent job explaining how to pull this off. I would only add a few things, such as buying scraps from the fabric store is an excellent and cost effective way to get a variety of fabrics, if you don’t already have a stock pile, because you are not, as previously stated, crafty. Also the little flocked, iron on letters are super cute, but take a lot longer to adhear to the fabric than the iron-on fabric does. Also, tell your guests to remove the paper backing from the fabric after they have cut out their designs, but before they iron it onto the onesie…that really helps.

{Cindy at our well used work station}

I had no doubt that our friends would come up with some amazing designs and I was so right. Check out the full set of photos here.

Rocket Baby!{I made this one!}

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Wendy Altschuler said...

Way to make a tangible and useful "craft"! I think my fave onesie is the "Vegetarian" one.