February 26, 2011

Adventures in CSAing

{H's awesome pizza creation, pre oven}

Last November H and I signed up for our local CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture) winter subscription and it has been such a wonderful experience. We are lucky enough to have access to an amazing company, Grasshoppers Distribution, who works as a middle man between local farmers and people like us. So we have access to eggs, dairy, produce and even local meats, if you are so inclined, which we aren't, because we're vegetarians (Actually H is not technically, but is by default when we are at home.)

{Mischa likes to watch H work}

He has been doing much of the cooking lately. I love to cook, but when I'm finished with work, I like to spend the evenings with Becks and since H has spent the entire day with him, it's a nice trade off.

The CSA has really inspired us to try new things. At the beginning of the winter season we were getting tons of cabbage, sweet potatoes, daikon radishes, kale and squash. It was perfect for chunky, veggie filled soups, creamy purees and spicy chilies.

{The finished product - so yummy!}

Towards the end of the season we were getting more canned goods, but still some greens, potatoes and squash. H was inspired to make this pizza with homemade crust and sauce. I was totally impressed. He topped it off with spinach sauteed in garlic (both local), mozzarella cheese and, on my half, local blue cheese.

We signed up for shares of produce, eggs, cows milk cheese and bread for the winter season. Spring sign up is just around the corner and I'm looking forward to sampling the veggies of the season and trying some more local goodness!

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Wendy Altschuler said...

Awesome Sar! We did a food delivery service from a local organic farm (Irv and Shelly's Fredh Picks) when Kai was born. I loved supporting local sustainable growers and it certainly made our lives a bit easier with 3 little guys at home. Plus, it was fun to figure out what to do with things like Rainbow Chard. Great post!