February 10, 2011

He Fights The Law...And Always Wins


My child is lawless. He goes by no man's rules. Some parents may be under the impression that they are in control of the relationship between them and their child. Beckett never gave my husband and I even a hint in that direction. From the very moment he came into this world he did it with his own personal style.

He was 3 weeks early, my water broke 3 days before I had a contraction, which ended up lasting between 18 and 25 minutes a piece (I mean...seriously?!). Then I went from 0 cm dialated to 10 in two measly hours, which yes, is fast, but that makes it hurt only that much more (and here is where I brag and say I had no drugs or interventions of any kind thankyouverymuch). I should have known then...

I am a person who likes rules, facts and absolutes. I like to be able to look things up in a book (or more likely online) and have the answer there in front of me. Doing research is how I make a living. I have an English degree and half of my MFA work was pretty much researching and writing lit papers. So when I was pregnant I needed info. H and I took a birthing class that was 12 three hour sessions and FULLY prepared us for our child's birth. And then Beckett blew it all out of the water. Even the nurses and doctors were surprised by our birth.

And as he develops he just keeps surprising us. He started teething at 3 months. At four months he still nurses, every 2 hours, which makes sense because he is constantly in motion and burns calories like crazy. Hence the rice cereal picture above, we thought it might help fill him up a bit so he can nap a little longer - but after 2 weeks of trying every day, he will not eat it. Makes a face like we're spooning him pureed liver. I adore that face...and every other one he makes.

He makes me laugh and I have a quota of one million kisses a day, that I usually exceed. While it seems like there should be a power struggle between us and little-mister-do-it-my-way, H and I are perfectly happy to take our queues from him at this point. He is teaching me to put down the books and just use my gut. It's a hard lesson for me, and let's face it, I'm not going to stop reading the books, just in case he does something on a normal timeline, I wouldn't want to miss it. But I am learning that I need to use the information as a spring board and let my parenting instinct, something I'm currently honing, take over.


Wendy Altschuler said...

Sara, an interesting thing happens when I read your posts or see your pictures of your babe...I get jealous. Jealous of that special time when you have your first baby, everything is new and amazing. It was one of the most beautiful times of my life as well as in my relationship with Scott. It's nutty to feel jealous b/c I HAVE A BABY...but, having your third is spectacular in totally different ways. Savor this time! (and keep posting about it so I can get my "ohhhh, sigh" fix)

Tamara said...

When he is insulated in the womb, it is easy to protect him and dream about who he may become. However, as soon as he is born, he is affected by outside stimilus. It must be wonderful and intimidating. Your nature/nurture will still affect him. However, his independance is natural for a first born. I saw it in my own family. Lisa is successful and independant. (That is if you want him to be successful and independant.

PS: I am not a mother, so you might know more about it than myself. He may end up like Hillary. Hope so!