March 4, 2011

Beckett - 5 Months


What amazing changes my little B is going through. About midway through last month he went from babbling and "singing" all the time to being the quietest little baby. And just around that same time he began making huge leaps in hand-eye coordination. He grabs (and gets) just about anything now. So adorable...until he ripped the glasses off my face, but still kind of adorable.

He rolls over, both ways and sits unassisted. He is noticing so much more about his surroundings. He follows the cats around the room, he watches his dad doing dishes and he even stops nursing to see what the clicking noise is over his shoulder, which of course, is me typing away on the laptop. It's amazing to watch.

He's lost most of his dark hair, except for the ring around the back of his head and over his ears - the toilet bowl, in male pattern baldness speak. All of the new little sprouts are blond, making him look even more like his father. If that were possible.

Then just a few days ago, he started talking again, loud and clear. I'm so happy to have his little voice filling the house again. It's music to my ears.

I can't wait to see what happens next.


hraw said...

love love love.

Wendy Altschuler said...

I love reading about your sweet mama moments. Happy 5 months Beckett!

melissa said...

Nothing better than those sweet sounds a baby makes.


(I am visiting from BYW - love your blog).