March 27, 2011

Beckett - 6 Months


He's officially a blondie! He still has some dark, new born hair in the back and some long stragglers that haven't fallen out yet, but every day I notice a thicker layer of baby chick hair growing up top. He could not look more like his father.

This month he got the hang of rice cereal and loves it, experimented with some banana and avocado, started making consonant sounds - he's got the ba's and ma's down as of yesterday - and perfected the art of rolling over in all directions. He can sit up on his own, if he's in any position but flat on his back, and enjoys sharing his spit covered fingers by shoving them into the mouth of who ever is holding him. Nummers. 

I can't believe he's been with us for half of a year, time is really flying. Now I know what my mom always meant.

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