March 29, 2011

The Woombie - If I'd Only Known

Beckett had some sleep issues near the beginning. What am I talking about? He still has sleep issues! But when he was brand new, he would only sleep when he was swaddled (although he hated the action of actually being swaddled) and if he was in his swing. Those are two things that don't reconcile because the swaddle doesn't allow the baby to be strapped in properly. Enter the Leggies Woombie. Genius!

Our other problem was that once Beckett awoke, he would worm his little arms out and unswaddle the blankets. Our little Houdini. Presh... or not. These things look pretty wiggle proof. And they come in so many colors and styles.

They also have an organic version! I am loving this company. Has anyone tried one of these? How did it work for you?

**All images from the Woombie website.

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