April 11, 2011

Scenes From the Weekend - Miracle Blankets & Baby Ice Cream

We had April showers for much of last week, but yesterday was lovely - 80 and sunny. A perfect day for the first cook out of the year (and Beckett's first ever!). Although our friends who threw it don't have children, they were well prepared for their tiny guests. A newly installed tree swing and sliced grapes for the toddlers and baby friendly ice cream! More on that in a moment.

I love meeting new people and especially talking with other parents. They always have some insight for us newbies or, in this case, a product recommendation we'd never heard of. When one of the moms I met this weekend told me that the secret to her child sleeping for 8 hours a night was the Miracle Blanket, I immediately Googled it. It's sort of like the Fort Knox of swaddling blankets. She even went home and got her's to show me how it worked she loves it so much.

We are considering it for Beckett, who at 6 months, should be out of a swaddle, but without one he wakes his self up by rubbing his eyes. (Any one have any advice on stopping that, please, please comment.) So the Miracle Blanket may be just the thing. 

Our host, Mark, whipped out a baby friendly dessert for the kiddos that Beckett loved. He's just beginning solids, but bananas have been high on the list for weeks now. So this "ice cream" was a huge hit.  Mark shared the recipie with me, which I will pass along to you.

Peel one or several bananas. Freeze. Puree in blender. That's it! Not too complicated right?

I have heard of doing this before, as a vegan treat, but never even thought about applying it to the baby food list. Beckett was totally interested in the texture and the cold in his mouth. He couldn't get enough. We'll have to keep a few bananas in the freezer for an occasional special treat.

Thanks Mark & Meghan for a great day!

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