June 7, 2011

Teething Troubles

My posting has been halted lately because all my spare time seems to be taken up soothing my poor, darling Becks. I think he may be having the most difficult teething experience of any baby, ever in the history of babies with teeth. According to his Ped he's been teething since his third month - that's five months of drooly, cranky baby.

Bouts of pain have come and gone over the last few months and to his credit he's happy most of the time, but this past week has been rough.

His top and bottom front theethers (baby talk is nearly mandatory) are so close to the surface I can practically see them, but they just won't bust out. We give him things to chew on, Sophie le Giraffe just isn't cutting it these days. Cold rags, Tylenol, even his own knuckles, which he rakes across his gums like he's playing the harmonica, don't ease his pain.

I fully expect all of his napping issues (frequent waking and a hard time going down) to completely disappear and he'll be the perfect napper and the happiest, pain free baby in the house as soon as those little guys make an appearance. Be free, little teeth, be free!

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Wendy Altschuler said...

Oh man, teething is the worst. Poor lil guy. It's amazing how much babies have to go through their first year!