July 2, 2011

Beckett - 9 Months

Starring his brand new bottom teeth!

Last week Becks turned 9 months. He's officially been with us out of the womb as long as he was in. The amount of change and growth has been no less impressive than those first 3 trimesters. He crawls like a master, but it already totally over that and is walking along the furniture. I fear he will be toddling around here in no time.

Of course, his bottom teeth have broken and are even toothier now than in the picture above. He's experimenting with all sorts of finger foods. Bananas and avocados are a fav, but they are pretty slippery so most don't end up in his mouth. He HATES Swiss cheese for some reason. He crunches up his nose and clamps his mouth shut at even the suggestion. It must be the smell. Or he inherited the distaste from his Grandma Kate, who does the same.

Sleep is still...well let's not go there. The bottom line is he's really become quite a delightful child and is rarely cranky. I could not say the same if I was as sleep deprived.

Je t'adore, Beezey.

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