August 26, 2011

How We Ended Up on Good Morning America - Part 3 (The Viewing)

And here we are - the final results. This is my last post about GMA - swear! But I couldn't let it just pass by after all the build up and not tell you what I thought of it. So my reaction is...pleasantly surprised!

I think the producer, Sharde, did a great job. It's light and they left the Dr.'s opinions out of it, for the most part. It's just our story and the correspondent's story, who's daughter is older and keeps returning to her parent's bed in the middle of the night, because "it's cozy." She's darling.

Speaking of darling. My sweet Becks comes off as the cutest kid on the planet in this segment, even if the stupid info bar is over his face for half of it.

The correspondent just happens to be Cameron Mathison, who many know as Ryan Lavery from All My Children. And I must admit, I wouldn't get out of his bed either. I had a little moment when I found out he was going to be narrating our story, because from the time I was 12 to about 15, or whenever I started lusting after boys I could actually date, he was my BIG TIME crush. So there was a little bit of running around the house and calling my mom and grandma - who is a huge AMC fan (and no one is more upset that it's going of the air than her).

So give it a watch. I think it's fun and interesting. Of course on GMA's facebook page there were tons of comments about how people who sleep with their kids are bringing on the apocolypse and ruining everything, but that's to be expected. Everyone's got an opinion.
August 23, 2011

How We Ended Up On Good Morning America - Part 2 (The Taping)

This is the story of how we ended up on Good Morning America. You can read Part 1 here

On Sunday GMA sent the lovely Sharde to our home. She is the producer and was in charge of shooting and writing the piece on co-sleeping. She told us she prefers to have a camera crew and after watching her take the camera on and off the tri-pod and move it all around to get the perfect shot, I don't blame her. But for this particular situation I think it worked out for the best. She was very unobtrusive and didn't freak the baby out in our tiny apartment, which may not have been the case with a few additional people.

She started by taping some play time with us and Becks. Then got some footage of him eating dinner. After that she was very gracious while I took time to nurse him and get him in his jammies. After Hillary got him sleeping in his crib it was time for our interviews, first me, then Hillary and finally both of us together.

I was pretty nervous, but Sharde was a good interviewer and put me at ease. I answered the questions honestly and tried to be succinct, which is much easier for me through the written word than when I'm speaking.  I was much more at ease with Hillary sitting next to me.

Finally came the last shot, which I was very uncertain about. Sharde wanted to get us all in our family bed. Now, on a normal night Beckett sleeps in his crib until he wakes up any time between 9 p.m. and midnight and then I bring him in with us and we sleep cozily until the morning.

But tonight was different. So Hillary and I turned down our nicely made bed and H crawled under the sheets in his jeans and white t-shirt. I picked up a sleeping Beckett out of his crib - something we are not in the habit of doing and laid him in his spot in the big bed. Then I crawled in beside him, very carefully, as to not wake my light sleeper.

Not only did he stay asleep in the bed while Sharde's camera light swarmed around his head, he didn't even twitch when we picked him back up and placed him back in his crib. I was amazed!

It seems like it would be really intrusive to have Good Morning America in your bedroom while you pretend to sleep, in your jeans, with your actually sleeping son and also pretending husband. But it wasn't and just kind of felt like helping a friend with a project for school or something.

So the episode airs tomorrow (Wednesday) during the 8 o'clock hour of the show. I hope we come across as being people who have done their research and are confident and comfortable in the decision they made. But mostly I hope it is clear that we do it because it works and is right for our family.
August 22, 2011

How We Ended Up On Good Morning America - Part 1

Life is weird.

As anyone who has read my blog for a little while knows, my family co-sleeps. I wrote about it here. A reporter from the Huffington Post came across that blog entry while she was doing research for a story about co-sleeping. She contacted me and asked if I would mind speaking to her about it. I was honestly delighted. We had, what I thought to be, a lovely interview. She was very nice and I spoke in glowing terms about co-sleeping and explained that, yes in the beginning we didn't talk about it, but now we are confident in our decision and really enjoy it.

This is not what came across in the article, which you can read here.  While the headline is now - Co-Sleeping Bad For Kids? These Parents Kept It Secret - it originally read - Co-Sleeping Bad For Kids? These Parents Are Ashamed. I never told the reporter I was ashamed, because I wasn't. Also, she did not make it clear that while we didn't talk about it in the beginning, we do now. Clearly, since she found me through my blog post about it, I wasn't trying to hide anything.

So the morning it went live on Huff Po, Hillary and I had a good rant about journalistic integrity and by mid-afternoon had almost completely forgotten it.

That evening we got a confused call from my sister-in-law saying that someone from ABC News called them looking for us. We are apparently not listed. Side note - the last time my sister-in-law got a phone call from someone looking for us, it was the Chicago Police Dept. because they found Hillary's wallet that had been pick-pocketed on the El. She must think our lives are much more exciting than they actually are.

After a 15 minute phone conversation with the woman at ABC News wherein I learned they are interested in sending a camera crew out to interview us about co-sleeping I think to ask, "What show is this for?" From the other end I hear - "Good Morning America - it's a news and..."

"Um yeah, I've heard of it." Oh. My. God.

I immediately starting pointing to the phone and  mouthing "Good Morning America wants to interview us," to Hillary who is staring at me, mouth agape.

We briefly had the are we sure we want to air our lives on television conversation with hand gestures and whispers, while the ABC News woman was explaining they would probably fly someone out over the weekend.

Basically what we decided was that co-sleeping works for us and we're totally comfortable talking about that to anyone.

Then we spent the next two days coming up with every possibly scenario for what would happen when GMA actually showed up at our house. There was a lot of - WHAT am I going to wear? What is Beckett going to wear? And we need to go to Target and get some loose powder for H's bald spot!

Luckily the house was in good hands. My mom, the design queen, was in and walked around adjusting picture frames and styling flowers for us.

I have to say, it was pretty exciting.

The piece airs Wednesday August, 24 2011 during the shows 8:00 hour.

August 9, 2011

The Big Latch On - Louisville

On Saturday I breastfed Beckett in a room with 100 other women, who were also breast feeding. It was part of The Big Latch On - an event held during breast feeding week that gets women all over the world to breast feed at the same time. This year Louisville had 101 participants and 4,123 women participated across the globe. It was organized by the wonderful women behind Mama's Hip and The Diaper Fairy and possibly some other lovely pro-breastfeeding companies in town.

Becks was more excited than he looks, especially when he found out he got to snack! I didn't really know what to expect, but the turn out was amazing. It made me so happy to know there are this many women in town who took the time to show how important they feel breast feeding is. Sometimes I feel like I'm in such a bubble, I know what my friends and I hold dear, but are we even close to being on the same page as anyone else. Turns out, that yes, we are. It was an empowering feeling.

I loved seeing so many women, all different colors and creeds, gathered together. And the babies! It was cute overload. Beckett kept pointing and saying 'da!' every time he saw a new one. I'm sure he thought we'd returned him to his people. It was adorable.
August 7, 2011

Summer's Bounty - Rooftop Garden

I've lived in apartments most of my adult life, so growing a garden wasn't really in the cards. But we have relatively easy access to the roof in our current place and so I decided to try my hand at growing some tomatoes. I'd heard heat and humidity is what these delicious fruit love, and we have that down here in spades. So I planted an heirloom variety that my brother started from seed in a big felt planter my mom bought and let her grow.

I was thinking they would be safe from pests up on the roof, but within the first week a squirrel had eaten one of my two plants down to a stump. Bastard squirrel. He must not have liked the taste of the other plant, however, because he never even nibbled a leaf. The caterpillars do like it, but its been easy to pick them off. How did they even get up there?

Today I picked my first red tomato! She may be a little too green still on top, but I couldn't wait. She has been hanging around for a while but just reddened up over the past few days. Hopefully she'll ripen fully on the window sill. So exciting!!
August 4, 2011

The Paper - About Louisville & The Awesomeness It Contains

It's been a while since I've read any print publication cover to cover. Earlier this week The Paper changed that. Yes, I am a contributor (you can read my story here) but that has little to do with my entertainment. The first issue is chalk full of one interesting article after another.

The Mperfect (i.e. Matt Dobson and Jason Pierce) publication is all about our city and the people doing great stuff in it and for it. They are focusing on and highlighting the good and interesting that surround us Louisvillians daily and that's just what The Paper is - good and interesting.

Copies can be purchased ($.50) at Please & Thank You on E. Market - like you need a reason to go there. Only a smattering of stories from the full issue are online, so go out and get the whole thing and settle in for a cover to cover read.